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About the Center for the Arts & Design

As part of its commitment to the arts, Brenau University recently created the new, collaborative Center for the Arts & Design, born from a set of initiatives to support and guide the arts at Brenau.

These initiatives, and therefore the new center, aim to enhance the visibility and increase the institutional reputation of Brenau’s existing art and design programs, as well as the Brenau Historic Clothing Collection, in the community and among similar institutions. This quarterly newsletter — written, organized and edited by Brenau University faculty, students and staff — highlights the academic achievements of students and faculty throughout the year.

The Center for the Arts & Design at Brenau has identified seven key values in its mission to provide student-centered art and design education based on inquiry and innovation.

  • Learning: The Center for the Arts & Design supports and motivates students to develop beyond foundational skills to perform at their highest levels.
  • Mentorship: Students engage in one-on-one mentorship with faculty that encourages transformation, self-awareness and personal responsibility.
  • Exploration: Students are encouraged to experiment with media, materials and techniques that will expand their capacities as artists and professionals.
  • Professional Development: The Center for the Arts & Design helps students prepare professional portfolios, positioning them for highly coveted internship and career opportunities.
  • Egalitarianism and Community: All students have the same opportunities for excellence and recognition, and they receive support from faculty, peers and visiting professionals.
  • Craftsmanship: The Center for the Arts & Design expect students to achieve and practice excellent craftsmanship.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The Center for the Arts & Design is committed to working with departments across campus for mutual cross-disciplinary learning.

As it continues to grow, the Center for the Arts & Design at Brenau seeks to foster interdisciplinary cooperation and creativity among students and faculty across disciplines in the university, as well as in the community. As part of this mission, the center will continue to develop and support community outreach via workshops, community projects, sponsored student activities in and around the university, and social media. In the spirit of this new cross-campus and community cooperation, Brenau University is also now accepting male students in all art & design and interior design programs as part of the Center for the Arts & Design.

One of the BURDs, part of a public art project to be placed around Gainesville by Vision 2030.
Home > The Center for the Arts & Design at Brenau University > About the Center for the Arts & Design

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