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from here
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We embrace compassion and take the time to understand each other because our differences make us stronger.

Brenau University is more than just a place to earn your degree. It’s a place where you’ll discover new things about yourself and the world around you, explore your passions and meet people you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

With our small class sizes and supportive learning environment, you won’t disappear in the back of lecture halls. Your voice will be heard, and you will receive one-on-one support from professors who care about your success.

Wherever you want to go, Brenau will help you get there. From here, you can.

Dinesh Lamba
I love my professors and the faculty at Brenau. Everybody has an open door policy. It’s not just me, it’s the entire class. We feel like our professors are invested in our success.
Amelia Latham
Brenau has given me a more personal experience than if I decided to go to a bigger college. I know it’s cliche and is used a lot, but I feel like I wouldn’t be seen as much if I went somewhere else. I have a bigger chance of getting that experience.
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Payton Hicks
Brenau has given me my closest friends and allowed me to reassure myself that I lived every moment in college, and I’m not even done yet. I feel like I have such a fulfilling purpose to serve me and to serve others.
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You will care for people when they need you the most

Tuition & financial aid

The financial aid process can seem daunting, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. With the support and guidance of our financial aid counselors, you’ll learn what financial assistance you may receive, so you and your family can make reasonable financial decisions and build the future you’ve always wanted.

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Our flexible, multi-campus and online approach helps your learning fit your life and your goals.