Four portals: The Brenau Model.

The Brenau curriculum is built on classes and experiences that:

  • Expand your worldview.
  • Help you discover the beauty of science and math.
  • Develop your creativity and imagination.
  • Refresh and refine a wide range of communication and language skills.
Four Portals

Designed to reveal connections between many different areas of academic exploration, the Four Portals approach to learning at Brenau is the essence of a classic liberal arts education. Such multifaceted learning reaches across disciplines, providing an extraordinarily unified education. It’s active. It’s engaged. Here, you’ll learn by doing, by using what you learn in one class to help solve problems in another. These are lessons that last your whole life.

From the Academic Vice President

Dr. Nancy Krippel is Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Brenau University

Dr. Nancy Krippel is Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Brenau University

Brenau University is an institution with a very rich background of tradition as well as academic excellence. Our continuous operation spans three different centuries, and that provides for a lot of experience. This experience has taught us that Brenau’s traditional past must meld with the future of higher education. It’s not a new concept. The changes that Brenau has seen during its history have always posed challenges, both academically as well as logistically. One of the current priorities involves the growing population of non-traditional students. These are people who are employed, have families, are caring for elderly parents… they need flexibility in their educational programs. Brenau has the tools and the facilities to accommodate these needs.

While we offer fully accredited degree programs at five locations around Georgia, there is also the opportunity to earn college credit in part or entirely online. Traditional colleges and universities strive to expand their operational horizons, and one way to do that is through online studies. Brenau will not compete for students with for-profit universities that are mostly or entirely online based. Instead, Brenau will surpass them in quality. Brenau’s vision is professional preparation with the fundamentals of liberal arts at the core and, when you fold that philosophy and that 133-year tradition into online programs, there is no way for others to match it.

Our professors teach across platforms, offering the same classes in different venues with different modes of delivery. Whether you enroll in the Women’s College, or choose one of the many undergraduate and graduate degree options, or earn your college credentials through online means, you can be assured that the quality of education and the rigor of training provided by Brenau University will be the same across the board. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the large spectrum of choices on the following academic web pages.


Nancy F. Krippel, Ph.D.


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