We know college can be hard. And that’s why Brenau’s Academic and Support Services are here to help you get the most out of your education. With options for tutoring, writing support, research assistance and disability accommodations, help is here for you at Brenau, you only need to ask. 

Center for Academic Success 

The Center for Academic Success offers tutoring services to all Brenau students regardless of degree level or program, with student, professional and faculty tutors available across most subject areas of the university. If you’re struggling in class, want to get ahead, need some general academic coaching or just want some tips on how to be academically successful, the Center for Academic Success has what you need. Once you request assistance, you’ll usually be matched with a tutor in 24 hours, and we offer drop-in tutoring for some common courses. 

Learn more about the Center for Academic Success or, if you’re a current student, schedule an appointment using the Center for Academic Success page on the Brenau Intranet. 

Office of Accessibility Services 

At Brenau, we know that an accessible and supported education environment benefits everyone, so we are committed to providing an inclusive learning space for all students. We know that learning differences, neurodivergence and disability are important aspects of diversity, and aim to create an equitable space for students to learn. The Office of Accessibility services provides individualized accommodations for students with documented disabilities, offering a quiet, reduced distraction environment for qualified students to take tests and final exams. The Office of Accessibility services is your point of contact for any disability related information, so please reach out with any questions. 

To learn more, visit the Office of Accessibility Services page on the Brenau Intranet. 

Brenau Trustee Library 

If you’re stuck on a research paper, or just looking to learn more about a particular subject, reach out to the Trustee Library. Brenau’s friendly librarians will assist with finding sources, including online articles and books, for your classes and assignments. 

Visit the Trustee Library website to make an appointment with a librarian in person in Gainesville or North Atlanta or via Zoom. If you have questions, email library@brenau.edu or call 700-534-6113.

The Writing Center 

The Writing Center offers free peer review for all written and oral communication projects at any stage of the process. Tutors are trained to support writers regardless of discipline and can help with everything, from brainstorming to APA and MLA formatting. Sessions are available in person and online, so you can get help regardless of how you study.  

Visit the Writing Center webpage to make an appointment with a tutor on the historic Gainesville campus or submit a paper to the online center.