The Registrar’s Office is your one-stop shop for transcripts, graduation information, class schedules and other important documents. Our team is here to help, so even if you’re unsure of what you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are the official record keepers of Brenau, and will make sure you have everything you need whether you’re just starting your college journey or moving to the next step in your education.

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  • Transcript request
    • Request a transcript and get more info about the process
  • Calendars and schedules
    • Registration schedules, academic calendar, weekend dates, deadlines, etc. 
  • Catalog
    • Brenau’s academic catalog, which contains the current catalog and archived version dating back to 2010-2011. Any requests for catalog info prior to 2010-2011, can be sent to the Registrar’s Office at
  • Diploma reorder
    • Learn about the diploma reorder process and get a link to the parchment ordering site.
  • Graduation
    • Graduation information. Links to graduation forms are here as well as on the “forms” page.

Brenau attendance policies 

Returning to Brenau after absence

If you’re returning to Brenau after an absence, you must reapply through our Admissions Office. 

Brenau students and faculty with children

Faculty, staff and students are not permitted to bring their children to class, work or to leave them unattended at any Brenau facility. This policy is in place to provide an appropriate environment for teaching, working and learning, and to ensure the safety of all concerned. 

On-ground attendance policy

Faculty may administer reasonable requirements relevant to the course of instruction. At the beginning of each semester, they will inform students in writing of any special requirements. Each syllabus will state the attendance policy and any academic consequences of excessive absences as well as any special attendance requirements.

Online studies attendance policy

Online classes do not take place at a particular time; they are flexible, dictated by the schedule of the individual student. It is recommended that online students be present in the virtual classroom five days per week in order to keep up with assignments and participate fully in class discussions.

Privacy and Protection of your Records

Brenau University is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This legislation is commonly referred to as FERPA and governs the use and distribution of student’s records. A student has the right to refuse to permit the release of directory information. If students choose to exercise the right of refusal, they must do so in writing to the registrar within 30 days of the beginning of each academic semester. Please refer to the current catalog for more information.