Brenau University has some amazing stories to tell about its exceptional students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors who form the heart of our institution. The Office of Communications and Marketing Office are responsible for bringing these stories to light and advancing the university’s mission and strategic initiatives. The two teams use their talents and expertise to deliver a wide range of projects across the university.

Who to contact 

  • If you need marketing materials or content, website updates, photography, social media or have an interesting Brenau story to share, reach out to the Marketing Office.
  • For assistance with news, media relations, internal flyers, informational publications, issues management or other communications needs, contact the Office of Communications.

Welcome to the Brenau University Marketing Office. We’re a group of creative professionals dedicated to reaching external audiences and recruiting students through strategic marketing, branding and advertising. Our team works collaboratively, bringing different talents to the table — graphic design, photography, videography, writing, website development and more — to meet marketing and web needs across the university. We are responsible for the launch, education, coordination and consistency of Brenau’s brand, specifically with external audiences. All of the university’s external advertising and marketing campaigns are carried out by our team.


We produce billboard designs, advertisements, flyers, feature articles, social media posts, branded materials (swag), videos and other content used for engaging potential and current students, and in turn, motivating them to continue their education at Brenau. Our team also manages and updates Brenau’s website and primary social media, and oversees social media policy.

Contact Us

Need creative marketing content or want to change something on the web? Request our marketing services by filling out this online form. For other questions, reach out to Donna Gibson, director of marketing, at or Michael McPeek, director of digital marketing, at We’re looking forward to working with you!

The Office of Communications helps shape and execute Brenau University’s overarching communications strategy, advances key priorities of the President and Board of Trustees to broad and diverse audiences, and engages the campus and community as part of local and national conversations. It also guides Brenau’s media relations and provides consultation on strategic communications to units across the university.


Staff members in communications serve the Brenau community as the official source of news and information about the university. Communications include the Brenau Window magazine, Brenau Update, news posts, all official news releases, and various alumni, development and presidential publications and emails.

Other services include internal promotion via stories, graphics and flyers; campus signage; copy editing/proofreading; design services; media training; and issues management and crisis communications. The Office of Communications also maintains the university’s editorial and design style guides, and oversees Brenau’s brand consistency for internal audiences and logo development.

Contact us

To share potential news with the communications team or for help with other services listed above, please email or fill out this form for design services. If you have been contacted by a member of the media or wish to do so, please contact Director of Communications Edie Rogers at 770-534-6167 or

For members of the media

To arrange for coverage of Brenau University or to visit campus for interviews or photography/video, including commercial film requests, please contact Director of Communications Edie Rogers at 770-534-6167 or

Photo Policy

It is important to assess whether a photo release is required when using photographs or video clips of an individual in promotional, social or other publications. 

These guidelines were developed by the Marketing Office, and any questions about them can be directed there. 

A release is only required when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The photo/video is taken in a non public space and the subject is recognizable 
  • The photo/video are specifically created to be used in advertising materials 
  • The subject of the photo/video is a minor (anyone under age 18)

A release is not required when: 

  • The photo/video is taken in a public place or during a public event such as:
    • Outdoors on campus or in a public space such as a dining hall or event space
    • During a public event such as a commencement, convocation, reunion weekend or performance 
  • If there is no recognizable subject of the photo/video 
  • The subject is a Brenau faculty or staff member 
  • The subject is the member of a group who have consented to having photos/videos taken at an event or activity. 

A copy of the Brenau University photo/video release is available and can be filled out and submitted online. 

Brenau follows the NAIA NIL guidelines for athletes receiving compensation.

Please contact the Marketing Office with any questions.