Brenau University has four campuses, three located in Gainesville, Georgia, and one in North Atlanta.

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Historic Gainesville Campus 


500 Washington St. SE, Gainesville, GA 30501


Since 1878, the Brenau historic Gainesville campus has been a fixture in the North Georgia community. This campus is home to most programs for The Women’s College and coeducational undergraduate school, and offers some graduate programs. The picturesque front lawn of the university frames Brenau’s Pearce Auditorium, a 700-seat 19th-century opera house that serves as performance venue, as well as the central place for the university to come together for celebratory moments, including winter graduation ceremonies.

In addition to Pearce Auditorium, Brenau’s Hosch Theatre resides on the historic Gainesville campus. Behind the striking stained glass window of the John S. Burd Center for the Performing Arts, the Hosch Theatre hosts dozens of music, dance and theatrical productions every year and serves as an artistic space for Brenau students and community members.

The historic Gainesville campus contains most of Brenau’s Permanent Art Collection, and features several gallery spaces. Inside the Burd Center is the Leo Castelli Art Gallery, which is named after one of the greatest art dealers of the 20th century. The Simmons Visual Arts Center building includes the Sellers Gallery and the President’s Gallery, as well as classroom and lab spaces for students in the Center for the Arts & Design. Brenau hosts several exhibitions each year, often holding discussions with the artists themselves.

Brenau’s residential students call the historic Gainesville campus home, living in one of our residence halls or sorority houses. To our students, these spaces are more than a place to sleep. They’re a supportive environment where students can study, relax and make lasting memories with their peers.

Gainesville Downtown Campus 


301 Main St. SW, Gainesville, GA 30501


Located on the Gainesville square — the city’s hub for local restaurants, shops and events — is Brenau’s Downtown Campus, which includes the Brenau Downtown Center and the Gainesville Renaissance building.

The Downtown Center houses graduate programs in Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies, and features a state-of-the-art human anatomy lab where students can advance their understanding of the human body. The Manhattan Gallery also resides in the center, which features artwork from Andy Warhol and other influential New York artists. The Downtown Center includes the Charles D. Walters Theatre on the Square, and several meeting rooms and convention spaces.

The Gainesville Renaissance building, completed in 2022, serves as the home for the Lynn J. Darby School of Psychology and Adolescent Counseling. Located just above retail space on the Gainesville square, the Darby School features a cutting edge virtual reality room that helps psychologists treat phobias, addictions and post traumatic stress disorder. The school also has a driving simulator, which helps people overcome their fear of driving and illustrates the impact of impaired driving in a safe environment. Brenau’s Permanent Art Collection can be found throughout the hallways and classrooms.

Inside the Renaissance, the Brenau Center for Counseling and Psychological Services welcomes clients from around the area, allowing second-year graduate students to hone their skills and gain critical knowledge before graduation and licensure.

Gainesville East Campus 


1001 Chestnut St SE, Gainesville, GA 30501


Brenau’s East Campus, located within the Featherbone Communiversity just off of I-985, houses the Gainesville location of Brenau’s Mary Inez Grindle School of Nursing and the School of Occupational Therapy. A state-of-the-art simulation lab allows nursing students to practice their skills on mannequins that mimic live patients. East Campus has four simulation labs, including a pregnancy and child simulator, giving students the opportunity to practice a range of scenarios before working in a clinical setting.

Brenau’s School of Occupational Therapy also resides inside East Campus, with classrooms and labs, including a pediatric occupational therapy lab, that allows them to receive hands-on training before working with clients.

The Whalen Auditorium is located at Brenau’s East Campus and serves as a large classroom or lecture hall.

North Atlanta Campus


3139 Campus Dr., Norcross, GA 30071


Conveniently located off Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Norcross, Georgia, Brenau’s North Atlanta Campus is home to several programs within the Ivester College of Health Science, including nursing, occupational therapy and clinical counseling psychology.

The North Atlanta campus features a simulation center for nursing students, giving them the opportunity to strengthen their skills before working with live patients. The center features five simulation rooms, including pregnancy and delivery, and is designed to resemble a hospital setting.

The Atlanta location of the Brenau Center for Counseling & Psychological Services resides within the North Atlanta campus and sees clients from the surrounding area. Second-year graduate students see clients to gain experience and advance their knowledge before graduation and licensure.

Occupational Therapy students receive hands-on learning opportunities in the labs and classroom spaces inside the North Atlanta campus. The School of Occupational Therapy partners with several local nonprofits to help serve the community and build necessary skills for Brenau’s student occupational therapists.