Academic Appeal  

Complete this form to submit an academic appeal. The form can be used for suspension appeals, medical withdrawals, WF/W grade appeals, or academic dismissal appeals. In the case of dismissal or suspension appeals, in addition to the appeal, the student must reactivate their record (if away from Brenau from two semesters – two years) or reapply for admission (if away from Brenau more than two years).

Academic Incident Report (PDF)

Report any academic honesty through this document. This form also outlines the policies and procedures for reporting and/or appealing an academic dishonesty incident.

Academic Grievance (PDF)

This form outlines the academic grievance and complaint procedure, and also offers a document for filing a formal grievance. 

Advisor/Major/Minor Change form  

This form can be used by undergraduate students as well as graduate students changing majors within their own department. Graduate students who change to a major outside of their department, please contact graduate admissions for assistance. The form is also used to declare or drop a minor, change advisors or campus. This form can not be used to change schools (e.g., Women’s College to Undergraduate School). Changing schools must be done through Student Services.

Campus Transfer Form  

This form is used to transfer from one campus to another. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 770-534-6203. This document is for a campus change only. If you are a Women’s College student changing status (residential to commuter or commuter to residential), you will need to complete the Status Change Request.

Confidentiality Agreement  

This form is used by University of North Georgia students in the theatre program through the Gainesville Theatre Alliance.

Drop Form  

This is an electronic form and is used for dropping classes only. (note: this link is repeated below in registration documents)

Enrollment Verification  

We report student enrollment to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse four times each semester. If your lender does not participate with the Student Loan Clearinghouse, or if you need an enrollment verification for any other reason, please click this link to submit your request. There is a link within the form to upload any document you need sent with your enrollment verification.

Equivalent Request Form 

Equivalent requests must be submitted by a Brenau advisor. Forms submitted by the student will be automatically denied. If a course is deemed equivalent, the course will appear on the student’s Brenau transcript with the course number. You and your advisor will be notified by Brenau email when the request is approved and posted to the student record. The Registrar’s Office will make the final determination on the submission and will post a substitution instead if deemed not equivalent. You and your advisor will be notified of any denied request via Brenau email.

Experiential Credit Application (PDF) 

Regulations concerning alternative credit apply to experiential credit. Brenau awards two types of undergraduate experiential credit: school based, and life/work experiential credit. Credits earned through experiential credit do not fulfill residency requirements. Please refer to the Brenau University Catalog for detailed information about experiential credit. Contact your advisor for assistance with this process.

Five-Year Rule Appeal  

For MBA foundation courses – BA 508 & 514, appeals must be submitted by a Brenau advisor. Approval (or disapproval) will be communicated by email to the student and advisor. This form is used to appeal the rule for foundation courses to be no less than five years old or no grade lower than a B.

Grade Report Request 

Use this form to request a grade report to be mailed to your home or emailed to your Brenau email account.

Graduate Certificate Completion Application 

This form is for certificate completion only; it is not a graduation application. If you are in a degree program, please complete the graduation application.

2023 Graduation Application 

This application is submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office with a date/time stamp. The deadline to apply for graduation for spring is Jan 15. However, students are encouraged to apply before that so the audit can be completed prior to the beginning of the semester and before the drop/add period. Late applications will be accepted from Jan. 16 to Feb. 1 with a $75 late fee. Applications received after Feb. 2 will be accepted, but those students will not be permitted to attend the spring graduation ceremony — no exceptions. The deadline for summer and fall 2020 is Sept. 15. The late application period for summer and fall is Sept. 15 to Oct. 1. However, those students are encouraged to finish the application now, so that an audit can be completed.

Note – Students who apply for spring graduation after the final deadline (Feb. 1) will be given the opportunity to attend the fall 2023 graduation ceremony.

Independent Study —  There are two types of independent coursework.

  • Independent Study (PDF): This form is used when a student wishes to take an existing catalog course on an independent basis. (e.g., ED 208)
  • Directed Independent Study (PDF): This form is used when the student wishes to take a directed independent study course. (e.g., BY 401) Directed Independent Study courses are guided independent study of an assigned problem or project. They are available at the undergraduate level only.

Military Status Affidavit 

This form is used to document military status for online tuition.

Name and Address Change  

Please note that submitting this form only changes your name in our database. Your login and email address will remain the same. Remember, if you have a current CampusWEB account, you can also log into your CampusWEB account and submit address-change requests.

Non-Enrollment Letter Request  

A non-enrollment letter is sent to verify that a student was admitted to Brenau, but did not attend, or registered and withdrew from all courses before classes started. Please note: If you withdrew and received a grade of “W” or “WF,” you must request a transcript instead.

Reactivation Request Form 

Use this form if you are a returning Brenau student and you have:

1) missed more than one semester of enrollment, but less than two years

– and –

2) not attended another institution

– and –

3) Your major is not nursing . Nursing students must reapply (for admission to Brenau) via as well as the nursing department for readmission to the nursing program after a lapse of enrollment.

– or – if you are a new Brenau student and will defer your start term to another term. Students who defer past summer semester please contact the admissions office for re-evaluation as the catalog changes between summer and fall semester.


Registration – Add Form 

You should register for all courses possible via CampusWEB and submit the registration prior to submitting this form. This form should be used to add classes that require permission,  including:

  • Registration overload
  • Class overload
  • Day student online class request
  • Prerequisite waiver

Registration –  Drop/Withdrawal Form  

This is an electronic form and is used for dropping classes only.

Repeated Course Adjustment Request

You can use this form to submit a request to have a repeated course noted on their transcript. An exact duplicate of the course must be repeated and the second grade must be recorded at the time this request is submitted.

Special Status Application/Registration Form 

This form will be used for Special Status, Transient and ARCHE registration. Current Brenau students may not use this form.

Status Change 

This form is used for Women’s College students to change from residential to commuter, or from commuter to residential. If you have questions about this form, contact student services at

Student ID-Number Request 

This form is to be used if you need your Brenau six-digit Student ID number, and you are not a currently enrolled Brenau student. Your ID number can be sent to you via email or mail, or you can come by the office at any time to get your ID number in person. A student ID number is never given over the phone. By completing this form, you are asking to have your Brenau student ID number emailed to you via Virtru encryption.

Substitution Form (online/formstack) 

Substitutions must be submitted by a Brenau advisor. Forms submitted by the student will be automatically denied. Approval of substitutions can be viewed in the student and advisor CampusWEB accounts. The student and advisor will also be notified by Brenau email when the substitution is approved and posted to the student record. If the substitution is not approved the student and advisor will be notified via Brenau email.

Time-Out Transfer Approval 

This form MUST be completed by an advisor. This form is used to submit undergraduate and graduate credit that is too old for transfer per transfer credit policy. Please submit a different form for each set of college’s courses to be approved. For example, if there are science and business courses requested, two forms must be approved — one for each dean.

Transcript Request  

Request a transcript through this form. This will redirect you to the secure Brenau/Parchment transcript ordering site.

Transient Request Form (PDF)

Use this form to request transient status at another institution. Please submit this form to your advisor for review/approval. Your advisor will forward it to the Registrar’s Office for final review and processing.