Build the skills necessary to thrive in your creative career  through Brenau University’s Theatre Department. At Brenau, our faculty of professional actors, directors, playwrights, dramaturgs, costumers, technicians and educators will not only pass their knowledge and expertise to you, they’ll help you get your foot in the door with professionals in your field. You’ll gain real-world experience and network with successful industry professionals, so you can jump straight into the field right after you graduate. Whatever part of the theatre industry you’re passionate about, we are here to help you find your spotlight.

Why Brenau Theatre?

  • Become a part of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, a nationally-recognized departmental collaboration between Brenau and the University of North Georgia 
  • Put your skills into practice in productions starting in your first semester at Brenau 
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from faculty members who have worked on Broadway and in national touring companies
  • Utilize Brenau’s performance spaces, including the historic Pearce Auditorium, Hosch Theatre and the Black Box Theatre 
  • Atlanta’s thriving film and television scene is less than an hour away, so you’ll be able to apply your skills to a creative career without having to leave the state of Georgia
Sarah Kay
I know that I’m constantly growing thanks to teachers that pour their all into their classes and students. Thanks to a wide array of different acting methods and singing techniques that have been taught over the last three years I’ve been in the program, I have an entire toolbox to pick from.
Sammy Nelson
It’s still crazy to me that we have a group of people that come to see every show we do because they enjoy it. It’s nice to have a part in that, and feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I want to keep doing this.
Julia Rodriguez
I have walked away with the ability to confidently identify myself as a capable costume designer and technician. I take on challenges as a costumer that terrify me, but I know I can handle them now because of it. This degree will not be handed to you, but your professors will fight for you and with you to ensure you earned it in.

Choose your path

Each degree program runs for 8 semesters, on-ground in Gainesville

  • College of Fine Arts & Humanities, Theatre

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Costuming for Film and Theatre

    Undergraduate / BFA
  • College of Fine Arts & Humanities, Theatre

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology

    Undergraduate / BFA
  • College of Fine Arts & Humanities, Theatre

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

    Undergraduate / BFA
  • College of Fine Arts & Humanities, Theatre

    Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

    Undergraduate / BA
  • College of Fine Arts & Humanities, Theatre

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Stage and Screen

    Undergraduate / BFA

BA vs. BFA: What’s the difference?

At Brenau, we have two paths for our theatre students. Students who prefer a conservatory-style immersive experience should look into the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs. Students in any of these four programs will focus specifically on their area of specialization and fill their studies with these courses. Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre or the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Stage and Screen programs will also apply their training in sold-out productions on one of Brenau’s four stages. Students must audition for and be accepted by an audition reviewer for both the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Stage and Screen programs, and students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Costuming for Film & Theatre must submit a portfolio and be accepted by a reviewer before enrolling.

If you want more flexibility in your studies, either because you’re not sure what area of theatre interests you, or because you want to double major or join an athletic team, you should consider the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. This customizable program lets you try out many different areas of the theatre, including directing, acting, dramaturgy and technical theatre, so you can figure out what you are passionate about. The BA programs give you the practical skills you need for a career in the creative arts.

Audition & Admissions

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All Bachelor of Fine Arts programs accept 12 students per academic year, while the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program is capped at 20 students per year. Admission to Bachelor of Fine Arts programs are by audition or portfolio review only. Bachelor of Arts students only need to apply and be accepted to Brenau.

All students must be accepted to Brenau before you can be admitted into your program of choice. Scholarships are awarded to students based on talent, commitment and academic performance, and interviews are required for all scholarship students.

Students may interview in person at one of our on campus audition events, via a Zoom audition/interview, via submitted video, or at selected theatre conferences and auditions such as CAPS, MARCAs, SETC, or GTC. Auditions or portfolio reviews may include questions concerning professional goals and why you would like to study at Brenau.

To schedule an in-person interview, use the Gainesville Theatre Alliance recruitment portal.

For more information about virtual auditions, contact Tatyana Hunter-Henley at

On-Campus Audition Dates

  • Saturday – Feb. 24, 2024 – Brenau University’s John S. Burd Center
  • Saturday – March 9, 2024 – UNG-Gainesville’s Performing Arts Building

Audition and Portfolio Review Requirements

BFA in Acting for Stage and Screen

  • Upload your resume and headshot during registration
  • Prepare two 60-second contrasting monologues

BFA in Musical Theatre

  • Vocal: Prepare Two selections of musical theatre or pop repertoire that contrasts in style and decade of composition. Each cut may be up to 32 bars each, but should not exceed 60 seconds in length. In addition, please have the full version of your audition songs as well as any other performance-ready musical theatre or pop repertoire.
  • Acting: Prepare one monologue from a play, not from monologue books. This may be 45-60 seconds in length.
  • Dance: The dance call will be in group format and will last approximately an hour in length. It will include a quick warm-up, technique across the floor combinations, a ballet portion, and a jazz/MT combination. No prior dance experience is necessary. Wear shoes you can dance in and clothes you can move in.

BFA in Costuming for Film & Theatre and BFA in Theatre Design & Tech 

  • Upload your resume and portfolio during registration
  • Prepare to present your portfolio and field relevant questions

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