To help you succeed and connect with peers at Brenau, we offer several support services for international students!

Campus Safety

Brenau’s Campus Safety & Security staff works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that every student feels safe and comfortable on campus. Learn more about campus Safety and Security.

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success is the hub for many of Brenau’s student support services and offers free tutoring to all Brenau students. Learn more about our Center for Academic Success.

International Friendship Program

Through Brenau’s International Friendship Program, the university’s faculty and staff partner with individual international students, helping them adjust to American culture and giving them the personal attention they need to thrive. These partners meet at least once a month with their respective international students to enjoy a meal or activity together, either on or off campus.

Visa and Travel Support

Brenau University’s Principal Designated School Officer provides international students with support and advice on crucial matters such as visa application, international student insurance, and travel support.

If you are planning on attending Brenau University under an F1 or J1 visa, contact to begin your visa application process.

International Admissions Counselor

This counselor works alongside international students to make sure they’re on the right path to earn their degree.

The Writing Center

Tutors and trained writers offer free peer review for all written and oral communication projects at any stage of the process. Learn more about Brenau’s Writing Center.

Intensive English Program

Brenau’s English Language Institute prepares students to successfully meet English language proficiency requirements, so they can pursue an undergraduate degree at Brenau.

The target student population for the IEP (Intensive English Program) includes students who desire admission to an English-speaking institution of higher learning, but who need to develop their English language proficiency in order to successfully enter an academic program delivered in English. These students are most likely to enter the IEP soon after completing their high school diplomas or for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree and hope to continue their higher education and professional development. Cultural experiences will be embedded in the English language curriculum to also help students acclimate to living and studying in the U.S. Students complete the program when they have demonstrated proficiency at the Advanced level, and may therefore qualify for admission into university degree programs by meeting the language proficiency requirement.

Bilingual Counseling Services

Brenau has a bilingual counselor that offers one-on-one support to international students as they earn their degree and settle into campus life.

Bilingual RAs

Several of Brenau’s Resident Assistants speak both Spanish and English.

Cultural and Historical Outings

Each weekend, members of the Miller Institute accompany students on outings to explore the area and experience local culture.

International Student Club

This club offers a way for both international and local students to interact with each other and host fun campus events.

Center for Health & Well-Being

All enrolled students and employees have access to medical care through the center, as well as counseling services. Learn more about the services offered at the Center for Health & Well-Being.