Brenau students don’t have to leave the country to experience different cultures. Through the Miller Institute’s immersion programming, both local and international students can enjoy other countries’ food, entertainment, traditions and more. These events and programs offer valuable opportunities for students to share their own experiences and culture, while also making lasting friendships.

Some of our cultural programs and events

Panamanian Spring Arts Showcase

As a part of the Fine Arts Exchange Program with Brenau and the Universidad de Panama, a group of Panamanian art students study for three weeks at Brenau during the spring. At the end of their time at Brenau, the students showcase their talents and work through a series of performances, which is open to the university’s students, faculty and staff.

Sarah Nolan headshot
One of the most important lessons I learned working with international students is how being culturally aware is so important. Through learning about the student’s experiences and seeing for myself how they have grown, I have learned so much about each individual and their culture. This has given me a better global perspective of others and how we should interact with one another.
Felix Ruiz Rodriguez
We arrived here in the spring and we flourished together with this place. It has been a challenge, yes, obviously. We worked with what we had, and with our heart, of course.

International Speakers Initiative

Brenau’s International Speakers Initiative invites prominent international leaders to the university to not only share their compelling stories, but inspire and empower students. Two of our speakers have included:

  • Epsy Campbell Barr, former vice president of Costa Rica
  • Pamela Castillo Barahona, former vice minister of energy and environment for Costa Rica

International Food Showcase

Each month while classes are in session, the Miller Institute chooses a country’s food to showcase in Brenau’s dining hall, along with other related forms of entertainment. Some of the featured cuisine has represented countries such as Jamaica, China, Sweden and Nigeria.