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The College of Fine Arts & Humanities prepares students to live extraordinary lives of personal fulfillment and professional contributions by offering majors and minors in fine arts and humanities disciplines, by delivering courses in the Liberal Education curriculum, and by supporting Brenau University’s mission which emphasizes artistic expression, service to others, global understanding, and personal integrity.



Andrea Birch, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Fine Arts & Humanities
Professor of Philosophy





                                                            Nichole Budd,  Dean’s Assistant

bio pictureNichole Budd has recently begun working at Brenau University in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities.  With a background in the Liberal Arts, she has always been greatly interested and invested in the arts and humanities.

Nichole attended Reinhardt College in Waleksa, Georgia where she obtained her Bachelor’s in English. After college, she spent a few years teaching college English and writing, which encouraged her to return to graduate school at Auburn University.  While serving as a graduate teaching, research, and program assistant at Auburn, she earned her Master’s in English with a concentration in Composition and Rhetoric and minors in Literary Studies and ESL.

Upon graduation, Nichole accepted a full-time college English instructor position. Although she enjoyed, and continues to value, her experiences teaching, she discovered through this position a strong desire to apply her passion for student success and higher education by serving on the support-side of an institution of higher education. This developing interest, along with her Liberal Arts background and experiences in a variety of educational settings, provides a strong foundation for her current role in supporting the university.

Nichole is very excited to serve as a part of Brenau’s College of Fine Arts and Humanities!


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