The Brenau All-Steinway School Initiative


In its 134-year history Brenau University attracted and produced extraordinary musicians. In its 158-year-history, Steinway & Sons produced the world’s most extraordinary pianos. It’s time these two came together to produce something truly extraordinary.

For the past decade Brenau concentrated on developing state-of-the-art physical facilities as part of its commitment to provide music students with state-of-the-art learning, practice and performance venues. Now the university commits to a $1.5 million effort to replace dozens of well-worn instruments of every description with pianos that are the instrument of choice for performers around the world as a solo instrument in a concert hall, as accompaniment to chamber music, soloists or choral groups, or as part of an orchestra and virtually any musical ensemble. Horowitz. Rubenstein. Van Cliburn, Ashkenazy – all Steinway musicians. But it’s not just for classical music. Whether its Mozart and Chopin or jazz or rock ‘n’ roll, Steinway & Sons pianos make significant contributions to enjoyment of both the performer and the listener.

And, more than 110 colleges, universities, conservatories and other schools of distinction already have elected to embrace the “All-Steinway School” moniker. Now Brenau strives to add to its powerful academic arsenal the piano that inspires students to realize their artistic talents and that best prepares them to compete at the highest levels in the professional world.

Higher education today does inhabit a highly competitive world. Three other institutions within a 50-mile radius of Brenau already are among the All-Steinway schools.
Just as colleges and universities develop high-quality training facilities to attract star athletes, the best musicians look for schools with the best facilities and equipment, too. Brenau’s becoming an All-Steinway School will be a critical element in attracting top-quality students.

Brenau’s mission is to prepare students for extraordinary lives. To accomplish that, you need nothing less than extraordinary tools.

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