Joining a sorority at Brenau is about more than finding a new group of friends. Your sorority will become the place you can turn to receive support and feel a strong sense of belonging and empowerment. You sorority sisters will always cheer you on, offering you encouragement during your toughest days in college and holding you accountable when you need it. As a member of one of Brenau’s seven active sorority chapters, you’ll have opportunities to make lifelong connections, volunteer in the community and build your leadership skills. The first Brenau sororities began in 1909, making it one of the oldest Greek systems in the U.S. The university has eight active sorority chapters: six National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities and two National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) sororities. Greek life is only available to Women’s College students. 

Why join a sorority at Brenau? 

  • Gain a diverse group of friends who are always in your corner 
  • Find a new sense of belonging with your sorority sisters 
  • Serve the community through your chapter’s philanthropy 
  • Receive leadership experience and academic support 

Sorority chapters at Brenau:

Alpha Chi Omega
Est. Nov. 24, 1911

Alpha Delta Pi
Est. April 18, 1910

Alpha Gamma Delta
Est. May 5, 1913

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Est. May 14, 1994

Delta Delta Delta
Est. May 6, 1914

Delta Sigma Theta
Est. Apr. 21, 2000

Phi Mu
Est. Oct. 8, 1910

Zeta Tau Alpha
Est. Jan. 15, 1911

Samantha Glover
Personally, the most fulfilling part of being in a sorority at Brenau is being able to serve and educate students. While I have only been an AKA for a year, I have orchestrated three financial literacy events. During these events, I have been able to inform my peers on topics like debt, savings, and long term financial peace. I have also had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with high school students in the Gainesville area.
Daphne Ramirez
I never thought I'd ever join a sorority, and I became president of Alpha Chi Omega. It gave me a lot of opportunities to meet new people that I probably would've never met in another lifetime. I'm really close to my professors, which is an anomaly as well. I've just been able to have a good college experience that is honestly worth more than anything.
Jenna Patton
On our little campus, joining Greek Life is one of the best ways to get plugged in and build a community. My chapter is my home away from home, filled with the most hilarious, encouraging best friends you could ask for. My siblings love unconditionally, and I always encourage others to find a group of people who can be that for them too.

For more information on Brenau’s sorority chapters and the recruitment process, visit the student-run Brenau Greek Life website.

For questions about Greek life, contact Sahara Outler, coordinator of campus communities, at or 770-718-5305.


Sorority members will engage in conversations with you and get to know you. They will tell you more about their individual chapter. We encourage you to just relax, be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure to meet several members of the sorority, so that you get a better understanding of how well you mesh with the group.


You do not have to have recommendations. Recommendations are letters written on your behalf from a close friend or relative who is an alumna of a panhellenic organization. Brenau does not ask PNMs to have letters of recommendations. You are welcome to submit them, but they are not required.


No. Sophomores, juniors and seniors — both returning and new transfer students — are welcome to participate.


PNM stands for Potential New Member, which includes everyone who is not a part of a current chapter. The sororities on campus will refer to PNMs frequently as an acronym for all women who are eligible to go through recruitment.


All students enrolled full-time (12+ hours) in The Women’s College have the opportunity to join a sorority on campus.