Brenau University’s Women’s Leadership program educates, inspires and empowers women to become the leaders their communities need. Through this program, which culminates in a certificate or a minor, you’ll have academic and experiential opportunities to develop leadership skills informed by gender awareness. In addition to taking foundational courses, you will complete an internship involving women in leadership, and submit a project related to your internship and present it to a faculty committee. If your major requires an internship, that course may fulfill this requirement, provided the student’s work focuses on women and leadership. 

You will…

  • Be exposed to different types of leadership
  • Receive an academic foundation for developing leadership skills
  • Dive into interdisciplinary leadership studies with a gender focus
  • Complete an internship that involves serving the Gainesville community

What is required?

A minimum of 12 credit hours is required for certificate completion.

  • GS 200 Introduction to Gender Studies
  • BA 223 Principles of Leadership
  • WL 490 Internship: Women’s Leadership

Students must take one or two electives (3 hrs each) from the list below:

  • AR 214 Special Topics: Women in Art
  • EH 245 Women’s Literary Studies
  • GS 250 Gender in the Global Environment
  • HR 403 Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • HY 205 Women in U.S. History I
  • HY 206 Women in U.S. History II
  • LE 300 Conflict Resolution
  • MM 200 Diversity in Media
  • PH 222 Introduction to Ethics
  • PY 215 Psychology of the Workplace
  • PY 310 Psychology of Women

Alyssa Eblen
Brenau’s Women's Leadership Program provided several opportunities for me to have hands-on leadership experience through both coursework and project-based learning. Because Brenau instilled a great deal of confidence and service-based leadership skills in me, I have built connections and opened doors for future and current successes.
Turner Cole
The Women’s Leadership Program has offered me such a diverse array of opportunities. I was able to serve as a Tiger Tutor and Peer Mentor working with first-semester freshmen. That was so fulfilling in that I was able to make connections with the new students during the semester and also with the other Tiger Tutors and instructors during our training. Deciding to minor in Women’s Leadership is one of the best decisions I could have made!

Our internship sites

  • Hall County Solicitor’s Office
  • WomenSource
  • Northeast Georgia Volunteer Services
  • Rahab’s Rope
  • Walker Therapy
  • Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia
  • Gateway House
  • Brenau University Career Services
  • Brenau University Student Engagement
  • Brenau University Student Success & Retention

Have questions? Contact Debra Dobkins, Dean of The Women’s College at 770-534-6247 or