The Brenau Honors Program gives you the opportunity to expand and advance your education, and challenge yourself by completing seminars, presenting at a conference or symposium, studying abroad, earning a double degree and more. If you graduate as a Brenau Honors student, you’ll not only gain the recognition, but a competitive advantage in your field.

Foundational honors experience 

Honors Program students complete four or more seminars in partial fulfillment of the liberal education core curriculum in years one and two:

  • HN 210 W Communication & Language Fluency (3 hrs)
  • HN 220  W World Understanding (3 hrs)
  • HN 230 W Artistic & Creative Imagination (3 hrs)
  • HN 240 W Scientific & Analytic Curiosity (3 hrs)
  • HN 250 W Travel & Research (3 hrs)
  • HN 260 W Course Augmentation (1 hr)

Honors Challenge Curriculum 

Students complete two or more of the following in junior and senior years:

  • Present research at a conference or symposium
  • Participate in a study abroad program and take HN 250
  • Earn a double major
  • Earn a minor
  • Earn the Women’s Leadership Certificate
  • Complete HN 499 W Honors Capstone (1-3 hrs).
  • Serve as a Tiger Tutor, mentoring students in FYE

Honors request form and other helpful documents 

Honors Program Overview (PDF)

2020-2021 Honors Program Plan (PDF)

Honors Augmentation Request Form (PDF)

Have questions? Contact Wenwen Guo, coordinator of the Honors Program at 770-534-6217 or