Visitors view Kathy Yancey's work at Feb. 7 opening reception

Atlanta-based Artist Kathy Yancey Shares Her Experiences with Students

Apr 16, 2019
Allison Lauricella
Kathy Yancey at Feb. 7 artist talk

Written by Nichole Rawlings

During the spring semester, the Presidents Gallery on Brenau’s historic Gainesville campus featured an exhibition of works by Atlanta-based artist Kathy Yancey. Yancey’s show, titled My Work Has Always Looked Like Me, featured mixed media pieces that spanned nearly her entire life – from childhood drawings to some of her most recent collages. Kathy Yancey’s artwork contains themes dealing with life, death, escapism, and adversity – and in order to be at Brenau University for her artist talk on Feb. 7, Kathy certainly faced adversity! Just the day prior, the artist fell and fractured her pelvis. She was so determined to be at the opening reception and to speak to Brenau students that she attended – in a wheelchair and still wearing her hospital bracelet! Kathy Yancey’s work is very personal and intimate, and she allowed Brenau students and community members to really get to know her through both her work on display and her talk on campus this spring.


To view the full artist talk, visit Kathy Yancey’s YouTube channel.