Fall 2022 Academic Calendar

Note: The academic calendar is subject to change.


Event/Session Date
Labor Day Sept. 5
Day Class Fall Break Oct. 13 & 14
Thanksgiving Holidays Nov. 23-25
Summer/Fall graduation application deadline Sept. 15
Holiday Break (faculty/staff) Dec. 19-Jan. 2
Spring graduation application deadline Jan.15
Fall Graduation Ceremony Dec 16. See the graduation page for detailed information.
Official First Day of Session
Full-term Aug. 29
Session 1 Aug. 29
Weekend TBA
Session 2 Oct. 17
Last Day to Drop Without Penalty
Full-term (Last day to drop or add) Sept. 2
Session 1 (Last day to drop or add) Sept. 2
Weekend (Last day to drop or add) TBA
Session 2 (Last day to drop or add) Oct. 21
Last Day to Withdraw with a Grade of “W”
Session 1 Sept. 21
Full-term Oct. 19
Weekend Oct. 19
Session 2 Nov. 9
Last Day of Classes/Final Exams
Day – Last Day
Day – Final Exams
Full Term – Last Day
Dec. 2
Dec. 5-9
Dec. 2
Weekend TBA
Session 1 Oct. 14
Session 2 Dec. 2
** Last day class will meet. However coursework may be required (through Canvas, etc.) through the end of the semester, Dec. 3.