Note: Except for deadline dates, the fall registration dates are identical to the summer registration dates.

  • Registration deadline for returning students – April 18
  • Late registration begins April 20 (with a $75 late fee for returning students)
  • Transient/Special Status registration begins April 1.
  • Registration deadline for transient/special status is April 29 for session 1/full term and June 17
    for session 2.

Final dates for Brenau students to register (Note: these dates are after the term begins):

  • Session 1 or full term – on ground or online 5/10
  • Session 2. 6/28

Refer to the table below to determine what day you will be able to begin registration. If your 1st registration is submitted after the registration deadline, your student account is billed a late registration fee of $75. There is no late fee for adding or dropping classes after the deadline if you have already registered.

Campus:Program & beginning date of registration (registration deadline – April 21):
All Programs
Online & On Ground
March 11
All Programs
Online & On Ground
Bachelor and Associate
2nd Deg., Seniors, Post Bac, Honors Program March 18

Juniors March 19

Sophomores March 20

Freshmen March 21