The Brenau University Center for the Arts & Design is where creative minds come together to share world-class dance productions, music performances, fashion shows, art events and more with the community. CAD is a collaboration between several departments, including Art & Design, Interior Design, Music, Dance and the Brenau University Galleries, making it a premier destination for the arts in Gainesville. If you’re looking to enjoy locally-produced shows that feature student artists and designers, we encourage you to check out CAD’s calendar to see our upcoming events!

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Janan Mirza
As a dance major, I was able to produce my best work, be authentically myself and make mistakes. After graduating, I can say the one thing that I have been able to take with me is the connection and relationships, which I truly believe I will hold for the entirety of my future.
Jordan Smith
Being a Studio Art student has helped prepare me for my future career by allowing me to have the opportunity to explore several different ways of art creation, and given me the ability to work in several different mediums and programs. I feel that I am well-rounded in my abilities and I can be confident with these skills as I go into the workforce.
Gabriela Rojas
My degree from Brenau will help my country because I want to build more houses and hospitals to help people have a better life.

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