Since 2012, Brenau’s College of Education has partnered with local elementary schools  to publish “Tiger Tales,” a book full of elementary students’ stories and art. Brenau’s education students work alongside a class of elementary schoolers to help them write short stories and create illustrations, all of which feature Lucile the Tiger, the largest golden tiger bronze statue in the world that sits on Brenau’s historic Gainesville campus. At the end of the school year, all of the elementary school students  receive their own copy of “Tiger Tales.”

Creating meaningful experiences

Tiger Tales doesn’t just offer local elementary students a piece of memorabilia they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives, it also gives Brenau students a chance to work in a classroom of students and help them nurture their talents. Education students work with the children they’re assigned to, helping them edit their work and create a cohesive story.

Lavender Qin
My favorite part was their stories. The theme was the same – Lucile Shows Kindness – but they had such different actions and stories to show it.