Academic Incident Report

Advisor/Major/Minor/Campus Change Form This form can be used by undergraduate students as well as graduate students changing majors within their own department. Graduate students who change to a major outside of their department, please contact graduate admissions for assistance. The form is also used to declare or drop a minor, change advisors or campus. This form can not be used to change school (ex. Women’s College to Undergraduate School). That must be done through Student Services.

Diploma Reorder Form (Submit this form w/payment to the Registrar’s Office to reorder a diploma issued during a previous year.)

Directed Independent Study This form is used when the student wishes to take a directed independent study course. (ex. BY 401) Directed Independent Study courses are guided independent study of an assigned problem or project. They are available at the undergraduate level only.

Drop Form  This form is used for dropping classes only. If a student wishes to add classes, please complete a Registration/Course Change Form and present the form for processing in person or add the classes via CampusWEB. This Drop Form will be accepted in person (preferred), by mail, by fax (770) 538-4790, or scanned and sent by Brenau email. If submitting via email, please utilize the Brenau email system because the Brenau email system is encrypted and the form will contain the student’s SSN or Id-No. The Registration/Course Change Form (noted above) is available at the Registrar’s Office, departmental offices, and at Brenau campuses (Atlanta, Augusta, and Kings Bay).

Experiential Credit Application Regulations concerning alternative credit apply to experiential credit. Brenau awards two types of undergraduate experiential credit: school?based, and life/work experiential credit. Credits earned through experiential credit do not fulfill residency requirements. Please refer to the Brenau University Catalog for detailed information about experiential credit and contact your adviser for assistance with this process.

Graduate Certificate Completion Application

Graduation Application, Undergraduate

Graduation Application, Graduate

Graduation Application, Women’s College Undergraduate

Independent Study This form is used when a student wishes to take an existing catalog course on an independent basis.

Military Status Affidavit This form is used to document military status for online tuition.

Name and Address Change   (Remember, if you have a current CampusWEB account, you can log into your account and submit an address request there.)

Reactivation Request Form Use this form if you are a returning Brenau student and you have:
1) missed more than one semester of enrollment but less than two years – and -
2) not attended another institution
- or – if you are a new Brenau student and will defer your start term to another term (students who defer past summer semester please contact the admissions office for re-evaluation as the catalog changes between summer and fall semester.)
The form can be scanned and emailed to or faxed to (770) 538-4790.

Registration Overload Request Please complete this form and submit it with the Registration or Add Form (whichever is appropriate)

Special Status Application/Registration Form This form will be used for Special Status, Transient and ARCHE registration. Current Brenau students may not use this form.

Substitution (PDF) or Available as Online Form Approval of substitutions can be viewed in the student and adviser CampusWEB accounts. The student and adviser will also be notified by Brenau email when the substitution is approved and posted to the student record. If the substitution is not approved the student and adviser will be notified in writing.

Transcript Request Form, Academy   Submit this form if you attended the Brenau Academy (high school)  and wish a copy of your Academy transcript.  There is no charge for an Academy transcript.  If you attended both the Academy and University, you will need to submit a separate University transcript request form, along with the correct fee.

Transcript Request Form, University

Transient Request Form Use this form to request transient status at another institution. Please submit this form to your adviser for review/approval. Your adviser will forward it to the Registrar’s Office for final review and processing.

General inquiries:, (770) 534-6299 or (800) 252-5119 | Admissions:, (770) 534-6100 or (800) 252-5119 ext. 6100