Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a combined Bachelors and Masters program instead of just the Bachelors?

Our program combines an extensive professional interior design curriculum along with comprehensive liberal education coursework. Additionally, because the undergraduate portion ends in a BFA, classes are required in foundation studio arts and art history. We had previously completed all these requirements in the bachelor only format; however, with almost 130 semester credits, no elective credits, and more hours needed to meet updated CIDA requirements, we acknowledged that the content of the program warranted a Masters level degree. We believe, you should receive the degree earned for the quantity and quality of coursework you complete.

The final year is completed at our Atlanta Campus location in the Evening and Weekend College format. This allows you to work part-time during the day in the final year of your program and take courses at night and on the weekends. We encourage you to complete your internship during this time. In order to earn the BFA you must complete the MID. The degrees can only be received when they are combined and it is only this combination that is accredited by CIDA.

Are you accredited?

Yes, the combined BFA/MID program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, CIDA and has been since 1993. You can find more information about CIDA by clicking here.

Are there MID GraduateSchool Entry Requirements?

Yes, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all your undergraduate work (not including your art foundation courses.) You also are required to submit a portfolio of work for review by a faculty committee after your first interior design studio course in the fall of your junior or senior year. Specific procedures are listed in you Interior Design Student Handbook .

Can I take classes during the day and at night?

The interior design undergraduate BFA coursework is offered in two locations/formats. The Women’s College, WC, classes are offered at our Gainesville Campus during the day in a traditional college setting. The University College, UC, classes are offered at our North Atlanta Campus in an evening and weekend setting. You select one of the two settings for your undergraduate work. However, the final year of study, in the MID program, combines these two programs into the evening and weekend college format. Online coursework may also be required in both the undergraduate and graduate coursework.

The MFA is offered in an online format.

Are you involved with ASID?

Yes, we have a student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, ASID. We are very involved with the professional chapter of ASID in Georgia. We attend their annual meetings and monthly events. One of our faculty members is a Fellow in ASID and two have served as president of the Georgia Chapter. Other faculty members have served on the Executive Board of the Georgia Chapter. Two of our students have served as the student representative to the Georgia Chapter.

Guest speakers from the profession and field trips to showrooms and design firms occur every semester. For instance, the student chapter visited Carson Guest, Inc. -Rita Carson Guest, FASID was the National President of ASID- and Steelcase Worklife Center in Atlanta. You can find more information about ASID by clicking here.

ASID student board members, Norcross campus
2015-2016 ASID student board members, Norcross campus

Do you teach CAD?

Yes, we teach AutoCad and Revit. You begin your CAD classes in the fall of the sophomore year at which point you are required to have your own laptop. Advanced Cadd continues in the spring term of your sophomore year and all subsequent studios require CAD. For information on your laptop requirements click here, then click on support, perform keyword search for “computer recommendations,” In Knowledge Base link, click on “computers” in #1.

Are there Assistantship Opportunities?

There is an assistantship program for MFA candidates. This application deadline is in June for those enrolling in August and in November for those enrolling in January. See our home page for current details.

Are there Scholarship Opportunities?

Yes there are scholarship opportunities from Brenau University as well as from other outside organizations.