Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing

A nursing student works one-on-one with a faculty member

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Start the path toward your new career by completing your Master of Science in Nursing in 20 months. This 68-credit program (77 for the pre-FNP track) is designed for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a different discipline and want to quickly dive into the healthcare field. Students will receive an advanced foundation of knowledge and skills, so they can provide compassionate, evidence-based care to patients.

Duration: 5 semesters, accelerated
Location: North Atlanta
Class Type: On-Ground
Tuition: $863/hr.*

* Rate is current for the 2023-24 academic year.  Rates are subject to change.  See the main Tuition and Fees page for current information on all Tuition and Fees.

Potential career paths

  • nursing administrator
  • nursing educator
  • or with additional specialization:
    • family nurse practitioner
    • nurse executive
    • acute care nurse practitioner

Student opportunities

  • Leave as an entry-level nurse ready to serve in a variety of health care settings
  • Practice care in advanced simulation labs
  • Gain clinical experience with Brenau’s network of healthcare partners
  • Graduate with a master’s instead of a second bachelor’s degree
  • Receive one-on-one instruction from professors with field experience

To be considered for this program the applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

Admissions document requirements

  • All college transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree in another field from regionally accredited university or international equivalent

Admissions GPA requirements

  • 3.0 minimum GPA from all college transcripts
  • 3.0 minimum science GPA earned in the last 15 years
  • Minimum score of 75 on HESI Nursing Admissions Test

Additional admissions requirements

  • Criminal background check
  • Drug screening test

Not sure if you qualify? Apply anyway.

Everyone is evaluated on all admissions criteria. However, we may consider those who don’t meet all the requirements, but display talent and experience suitable for admission. If you’re hesitant about your credentials, we encourage you to give it a shot anyway. You may end up being a perfect fit. Contact us today at admissions@brenau.edu.

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Class Fees

Class Fees
Semester 1
NG 315 Professional Nursing at Brenau University $110
NG 545 Foundations of Nursing Practice $270
NG545L Foundations of Nursing Practice $265
NG504 Graduate Nurse Comp Health Assessment $212
NG504L Graduate Nurse Comp Health Assessment $250
Semester 2
NG 506 Advanced Adult Health Nursing $235
NG 506C Advanced Adult Health Nursing $100
NG 508C Behaivoral Health Nursing $100
Semester 3
NG 604 Maternity & Women’s Health Nsg $260
NG 604C Maternity & Women’s Health Nsg $250
NG 606C Child & Adolescent Health Nursing $100
HS 771 Advanced Pathophysiology * PRE FNP TRACK $0
Semester 4
NG 707 Adv Hlth Assm/Diagn Reason * PRE FNP TRACK $0
NG 711 Adv Clinical Pharmacology * PRE FNP TRACK $0
NG 731 Adv Nursing Research $0
NG 742 Pop Hlth for Adv Pract Nsg $0
NG 762 Evidence Based Practice I $0
Semester 5
NG 732 High Acuity Nursing $270
NG 732L High Acuity Nursing $100
NG439 PW Seminar $150
NG780 PWX Clinical Practicum $25
NG763 Evidence Based Practice II $0
TOTAL Collected $2,697

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