Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

A nursing student works on a simulator with a monitor in the foreground

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Already have a bachelor’s or associate degree but want to change careers to nursing? Take advantage of our Accelerated BSN, and complete your degree in as little as 16 months. Students will gain the hands-on clinical experience, leadership skills and research fundamentals needed to pursue a nursing career.

Don’t have a degree yet, or want a non-accelerated program? Check out our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

16 months
North Atlanta
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Student opportunities

  • Complete your degree in 16 months
  • Start your path to a stable and fulfilling career
  • Enter a program designed to accelerate you toward success
  • Receive quality instruction in a small classroom setting
  • Join the Brenau Association of Nursing Students and take advantage of leadership opportunities
  • Hone your skills in modern nursing simulation facilities 

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Class Fees

Class Fees
Semester 1
NG 315 Professional Nursing at Brenau University $110
NG 345 Foundations of Nursing Practice $270
NG 345L Foundations of Nursing Practice $265
NG324 Health Assessment $212
NG 324L Health Assessment $265
Semester 2
NG 306 Adult Health Nursing $235
NG 306C Adult Health Nursing $100
NG 308C Behaivoral Health Nursing $100
Semester 3
NG 404 Maternity & Women’s Health Nursing $260
NG 404C Maternity & Women’s Health Nursing $250
NG 406C Child & Adolescent Health Nursing $100
Semester 4
NG 432 High Acuity Nursing $270
NG 432L High Acuity Nursing $100
NG 445C Transition to Prof Nsg $100
TOTAL Collected $2,637

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