Close-up detail of a stone marker engraved with the Brenau Ideal

“Love Deeply, Fear Nothing, Hate Never.”

Jun 1, 2020
Anne A. Skleder

The recent events around our country and in our own communities are weighing heavily on my heart and mind. While I am aware that I do not have the lived experience to say that I begin to know how those — especially our students, staff and faculty — feel as they continue to face racial injustice most recently through these incidents of police violence, please know my heart is with all those who are hurting.

Please also know of my personal and professional resolve for Brenau University to be part of a hopeful path forward. One of the attributes that drew me to Brenau is how its stated values align with my own. The Brenau Ideal guides us to “Love Deeply, Fear Nothing, Hate Never.” Hate never breeds love. Violence never breeds peace. Sincerely expressed love coupled with the courage to speak truth to power in times of oppression will bring about peace and justice. I absolutely believe that our strength at Brenau comes from our diversity, and we are continuing our endeavor to foster a community where every person is seen, heard and believed.

During these very troubling times, please know we are continuing our proactive steps this week in developing a plan of action. We will provide opportunities for essential dialogue and resources to faculty, staff and students beginning this summer. This is an opportunity for the Brenau community to engage collectively as we share and acknowledge racial and discriminatory practices that have too long divided our society and to encourage our generation of students to stand together. Our approach will be action-based, accessible, equitable and socially just. This isn’t just a commitment spurred by the moment. Our institutional commitment to diversity, inclusivity and equity is a cornerstone of our university strategic plan moving forward.

I believe our world has a hopeful future, especially as Brenau leans into our mission of preparing students to live extraordinary lives and to lead in their communities with passion and wisdom. Our students — current and future — and our alumni are our best hope and our best resource for ensuring their children and grandchildren inherit a more equitable and compassionate world.

Anne A. Skleder, President