Students receive Golden Tickets, part of the new GOLD program.

The Women’s College first-year students participate in Golden Ticket Ceremony

Sep 20, 2019
Kathryne Davis

Heather Hollimon holds up a replica of the Golden Ticket.As part of The Women’s College’s new GOLD Program, first-year students took part in Brenau’s first Golden Ticket Ceremony.

Students lined up to receive a golden necklace and their ticket, which included a list of their Gold Team of advisors and instructors and community connection events at Brenau. The ceremony was held Wednesday, Sept. 18, at the Brenau Amphitheater.

“One thing that we thought was important is that every new student at Brenau has her own Gold Team of guides to personal success,” said Debra Dobkins, dean of The Women’s College.

At every event listed on the golden ticket, Women’s College first-year students are eligible to win prizes, including gift cards and experiences such as having tea with Dobkins, lunch with Heather Hollimon, professor of political science, and a chance to get to know administrators better.

The GOLD program stands for gender, ownership, leadership and diversity. Students currently in the program are focusing on the “G” year and are celebrating sisterhood and being empowered to take on the world. Other than the Gold Team, this year also includes a women speakers series, a gender studies course, alumnae and sister class connections and mentoring, and W courses. W courses are designed to focus on the expertise and experience of women.

Students receive golden necklaces.“These golden tickets really mean a lot to us, and I hope they’ll mean a lot to you,” Dobkins said to the students.

Following the ceremony, students returned to their classrooms, where another surprise awaited them. They received bags full of treats and a special gift in the form of letters from their families, advisors or mentors.

“They were all moved by the letters,” Dobkins said. “There was a lot of excitement and even some tears. It was our way of making sure they know and feel they are home here, too.”