Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies

Cierra Franklin and Gloria Clark during the 16th annual Brenau University Mock Mediation Invitational tournament. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau’s Conflict Resolution & Legal Studies program challenges students with a dynamic and integrated approach to learning and provides a rich environment for individual growth and achievement. The dual aim of the program is to teach students how to recognize potential conflicts and to look for ways to resolve them whether within the existing legal system or in an alternative setting. The program speaks to the broad understanding each student gains about the interaction of the individual, society, culture, and the importance of being able to understand the roots of conflict.

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What can you do with a degree in Conflict Resolution & Legal Studies?

Because of the broad, liberal arts orientation of this degree, career alternatives and further courses of study are almost unlimited; however, many students have chosen career paths such as:

  • Corporate or government employment in human resources
  • Employment as a course annexed neutral, resolving disputes as a mediator
  • Graduate study in law school or conflict resolution
  • Employment as a legal assistant or paralegal in a variety of legal settings
  • Self employment as a dispute resolution professional

Intercollegiate Mediation Team

Brenau University has been a participant in collegiate mediation tournaments since the exercise began in 1999. During that time, mediation teams from Brenau have often finished in the top ten in mediation, winning the mediation title in 2002 and again in 2014. The purpose of the sponsoring organization, the InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution, is “to further the awareness of mediation as a means of establishing peaceful resolution and its mission is to encourage society to resolve differences and disputes in a more sensitive and compassionate manner; and to promote peace and civility in human behavior.” Brenau mediation team members subscribe to that philosophy. Participants report that this exercise has given them a life skill, useful in the personal lives as well as in their professional lives. Tournaments have gone global with teams from other countries traveling to the U.S. to participate and make connections with the students here. Our team members often reveal that participation in the tournaments was the peak experience they have had while at Brenau. Join us for this exciting opportunity! Contact Dr. Ken Frank at for more information about how to become a member or get involved.