Dr. Timothy Tolbert, Exercise Science Program Director
Dr. Timothy Tolbert works with students in an anatomy class on basic exercise science skills.

Faculty spotlight: Dr. Timothy Tolbert, Exercise Science Program Director

Sep 25, 2020
Caroline Mutch

Recently, Exercise Science Program Director, Dr. Timothy Tolbert chatted with us about Brenau’s Exercise Science program. Dr. Tolbert has stated an Exercise Science degree opens the door to a range of career opportunities and it is his goal as director of the program to prepare students for a career in exercise science and any health profession through a rigorous curriculum that includes traditional classroom lecture and hands-on learning opportunities. So, we wanted to go deeper and explore this program from his perspective.

What separates Brenau’s program from other schools?

Throughout my career I have worked with athletes of all ages as well as the general population. I use these experiences to help guide students as they pursue various career options. Each student is treated as an individual. Their career interests are explored as well as offering alternative careers to consider. Since Brenau offers smaller class sizes as compared to other institutions, I am able to spend individual time with my students to assist in their career pursuits.

We recently discussed the career potential with an Exercise Science degree. What is your advice for potential students considering this program?

If Exercise Science is a program you are interested in, schedule a time to talk to me so we can discuss your career goals or any concerns to ensure that this is the right program for you. You can email me at ttolbert@brenau.edu.