Chyna Thomas, biology major, examines a pig heart during a biology lab.
Chyna Thomas, biology major, examines a pig heart during a biology lab.

Bachelor of Science in Biology – Is It The Right Degree For You?

Jan 29, 2021
Sydney Hencil

Becoming a pharmacist is something that Thomas Adegbola dreamed about ever since he took his first science class back home in Nigeria. Now attending the College of Pharmacy at Mercer University for his graduate studies, Thomas’ journey began here at Brenau’s Ivester College of Health Sciences.  

For his undergraduate degree, Thomas decided to focus on Biology, which is the study of all living organisms. The program at Brenau consists of three concentrations in either Biomedical sciences, Organismal sciences or Pre-Physical Therapy. With a student ratio of 9:1, the program provides a unique hands on experience from the get go.

“I love the small class sizes here and the professors are really great,” said Steniah Grant, a junior Biology major.

Studying Biology at the undergraduate level allows students to go into multiple areas within the medical fields.  For those who choose Biomedical Science as their concentration, they will be able to pursue careers in science education, medical and paramedical training, research, clinical laboratory work, chemical and pharmaceutical sales and industrial product and agricultural development. Those who choose Organismal Science as their concentration will be able to pursue careers in the environmental science field such as environmental research, consulting and nature centers.

Brenau also offers additional courses for those who intend to apply for specific professional schools, such as medical school, veterinary school, pharmacy school, physical therapy school, and dental school.

“I plan to go to medical school when my time here at Brenau is over. The program is really preparing me for that,” said Steniah Grant.