Bachelor of Science in Psychology

A student holds up an ink blot test during a psychology activity

Transform your curiosity about human behavior into a meaningful career through Brenau’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program. You’ll receive a broad view of the field while having opportunities to deepen your knowledge in areas that interest you. During your senior year, you’ll complete an internship in the community and gain experience directly related to psychology.

Duration: 8 semesters full-time or more semesters part-time
Start term: Fall (on ground); Fall, spring, summer (online)
Class type: On-ground or online
Location: Gainesville, online

Student opportunities

  • Gain fieldwork experience through your senior-year internship with local organizations, including the school system, Sisu Integrated Early Learning, the Solicitor General’s Office, Gateway Domestic Violence Shelter, private law firms, Brenau student services, and Brenau supervised teaching
  • Receive hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art psychology lab, and work with virtual reality treatment equipment and a driving simulator
  • Take elective classes in areas that interest you (forensics, industrial organizational, health psychology, geriatrics) to gain a well-rounded understanding of the field
  • Join an active psychology club that stays engaged with the community, including the Edmondson Telford Child Advocacy Center in Gainesville 
  • Participate in and help lead the annual Get PsychED movie/activity day with high school students
  • Learn from experienced faculty with a large range of expertise, several of whom have active practices 
  • Interact with graduate students through various class and extracurricular activities, including role-play and assessment therapy activities
  • Attend professional continuing education programs offered at Brenau

Potential careers  

  • Human resources manager
  • Employee relations specialist
  • Victim advocate
  • Training development specialist
  • Data analyst 
  • Admissions evaluator
  • Recruiter
  • Alumni director
  • Psychiatric aide/attendant
  • Officer training school (military)
  • Youth minister
  • Child welfare case worker
  • Sport, recreation and fitness area: activities direction, recreation leader/supervisor
  • Researcher
  • Survey research assistant
  • Technical writer
  • Mental health technician 
  • Nonprofit director or staff
  • Animal trainer 
  • Sales 
  • Law enforcement

Preparation for psychology graduate school

  1. Research skills are among the most important to develop for gaining entry into a graduate school of psychology. As part of your BS studies, you will take courses in Statistics and Research Methods. There are also opportunities for undergraduate research to gain practical experience. 
  2. Fieldwork experience/internship during capstone.
  3. Broad knowledge in areas of psychology or psychology related fields is important. As a BS student at Brenau, you will explore several areas of psychology in upper level (300/400) classes.
  4. Third and fourth year students can gain experience in the classroom by taking the Applied Teaching experience course. There are also multiple opportunities to facilitate events with local high school students as they learn psychological concepts through applied activities.
  5. Because Brenau is a liberal arts college with small class sizes, your faculty will have a richer knowledge of your abilities and interests, allowing them to write effective letters of recommendation.

Have questions?

Contact Julie V. Battle, Chair of the Lynn J. Darby School of Psychology and Adolescent Counseling, at 770-534-6228 or