Julie V. Battle, Ph.D.

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Julie V. BattlePh.D.
Julie V. BattlePh.D.

Dr. Battle serves as the Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair of the Lynn J. Darby School of Psychology and Adolescent Counseling. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Emory University. Her areas of expertise include forensic interviewing, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe mental illness, victimization, sexual abuse, parenting, and child abuse prevention.

Dr. Battle is also a licensed psychologist who works with law enforcement and DFCS in child sexual abuse, physical abuse, and other trauma cases involving children. Her role is to conduct forensic interviews with children who have made allegations of abuse or have witnessed a violent crime, and she serves as an expert witness in court when these cases are prosecuted. Dr. Battle has also done a number of presentations at conferences as well as to various groups (e.g., law enforcement officers, therapists, coaches) on topics including mandated reporting, differences between forensic interviewing and therapy, disclosure of sexual abuse, and prevention of sexual abuse. She also has several publications and has been a part of the Brenau family for over 20 years.