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The Center for Lifetime Study provides opportunities for lifelong learning, leadership and cultural exploration to mature adults throughout northeast Georgia. The Center acts as an umbrella for three distinct learning and leadership programs.

BULLI-Gainesville and BULLI-Braselton offer facilitated learning via a member-led, member-driven environment. We promote the growth of our members in their intellectual, social and psychological development through joint study, leisure time activities and social interaction. Make new friends and enjoy the thrill of being a part of the lifelong learning movement as a member of the BULLI Program.

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The Wisdom Project is a senior leadership program conducted in partnership with the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce. As part of their Vision2030 initiative, the Wisdom Project fulfills the Chamber’s goal that Gainesville-Hall County have a “Senior Leadership” program that is considered to be a national model. It helps to ensure that the community is utilizing the experience and expertise of the growing “55” and older population and Brenau’s mission to offer its services and facilities to the external community for cultural, civic and intellectual enrichment.

BULLI – Gainesville

The Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute (BULLI) was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Brenau and community leaders who were interested in establishing a lifelong learning program in the Gainesville/Hall County area.

BULLI offers a wide range of courses from each of four categories – academics, the arts, self-improvement and health and wellness. From literature to history, religion to performing and hands-on art courses, computers to finance, BULLI has a course that is just right for you. With BULLI, there is no educational requirement, no credit given and no homework required. BULLI students take daytime classes just for the joy of learning.

Our member-led, member-driven organization stays abreast with the needs and interests of our students. Peer leadership means that you, our students, make all decisions regarding curriculum and general administration of the program. The curriculum committee listens to what courses interest you and works to keep our course offerings fresh and vibrant.

BULLI doesn’t stop with just classes; there is a leisure side of us, too. Whether your interest Is in joining our BULLI Hiking Club, our Dinner Together group or attending one of our special events offerings, BULLI’s leisure activities provide something for everyone to enjoy.

Download the latest newsletter, BULLI Summer 2018 Newsletter (PDF), containing information, a registration form and course listing.
View course information online.
To register download the Summer 2018 BULLI Registration and Membership Form (DOCX).

BULLI – Braselton

In 2012, the BULLI program expanded to meet the growing needs of our students. Brenau has partnered with the town of Braselton to offer courses on a new campus. The new program, which offers evening as well as daytime classes, provides a learning opportunity for individuals whose schedule precluded their participation in the traditional BULLI program.

BULLI – Braselton offers the same wide range of courses that are found in the Gainesville program. Classes are held in various locations throughout the town. The program has its own officers and committees who are dedicated to providing the best learning opportunities possible.

Download the latest newsletterm, BULLI Summer 2018 Newsletter (PDF), containing information, a registration form and course listing.
View course information online.
To register download the Summer 2018 BULLI Registration and Membership Form (DOCX).

Wisdom Project

The Wisdom Project prepares retired and semi-retired individuals to use their wisdom and talents in creative ways through action and advocacy.

Through a seven-session program highlighting social services, education, healthcare, government, business and agriculture, arts and entertainment, and aging issues, Wisdom Project participants experience a dynamic, multi-faceted view of Gainesville and Hall County, explore local issues and opportunities and engage with community leaders.

By engaging in hands-on service projects and interaction with like-minded individuals from throughout the community our participants gain new perspectives and develop ways to use their wisdom and expertise for the benefit of their community.

To apply to participate in the Wisdom Project please download and fill our the PDF application.

To apply please download the application form (PDF).
Visit the Wisdom Project website for more information.

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