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For many new students, Financial Aid is one of the most important and least-understood aspects of going to College. With forms, regulations, and deadlines at every turn, it’s no wonder new students are often confused! The Financial Aid Office is here to help you! We can be reached by email at or by phone at 770.534.6152.


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Important Notes Regarding Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid: Do you plan to take classes this summer, but you don’t know if you will have any financial aid available to help with costs?

Please click here to complete our NEW electronic Financial Aid Request Form for Summer 2018.  No more downloading, printing, and filling out paper forms!  After we receive your request, we will send an email to your Brenau Tiger Email if we have questions or need further clarification. Otherwise, we will process your summer aid.

PLEASE NOTE: We need specific information about your summer enrollment plans in order to provide you with the most accurate financial aid eligibility information, so consult with your academic advisor as needed prior to submitting the Summer Financial Aid Request!

Year Round Pell Grant: Did you know you may now receive Pell Grant funds year round, which means you could have funds available this summer? The government has reinstated Tear Round Pell for 2017-18, which means many Pell-eligible undergraduate students can receive a Pell Grant for Summer 2018 even if they have received 100% of their annual Pell Grant award for full-time enrollment in the previous two semesters.  In order to receive the extra Pell Grant funds for summer, a student must be enrolled in at least 6 hours of required courses.

PLEASE NOTE: If you didn’t enroll full-time during fall and/or spring semesters of 2017-18, you may still have some Pell eligibility remaining for summer, aside from the new Year Round Pell availability.  If that’s the case, you may be able to get funds for less than 6 hours this summer.  Also, the Year Round Pell initiative does not extend the length of a student’s Pell eligibility; Pell Grant recipients are still limited to the equivalent of 6 full-time academic years of eligibility.  To find out if you have Pell Grant funds for Summer 2018, please submit the online Summer Financial Aid Request at the link in the article above!

Aggregate Loan LimitsStudents borrowing a Federal Direct Student Loan are subject to maximum allowable loan limits. The Aggregate Maximum Loan Limit restricts the amount of Federal Student Loans that may be borrowed over a student’s college career. For additional information about federal student loans including aggregate loan limits and interest rates please visit:

Aggregate Loan Limits – Federal Student Loans
Dependent Undergraduate Students$31,000 *No more than $23,000 can be in subsidized loans
Independent Undergraduate Students (and dependent students whose parents were denied a parent PLUS loan)$57,500 *No more than $23,000 can be in subsidized loans
Graduate and Professional Students$138,500 *This includes undergraduate loans, graduate students are only able to obtain unsubsidized loans







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