As stated in our program’s Vision:  “We will develop extraordinary clinical practitioners, who will serve, lead, and inspire”.  In order to achieve this we have a thriving clinical education program focused on early immersion in the clinic along with a variety of clinical settings for long term clinical placements.  There are the four main areas in which our students will be exposed to the clinic and practice:

Early Mobility Program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center:

Through a collaborative effort with Northeast Georgia’s largest healthcare provider, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, students will be part of an early mobility team to provide mobilization for the patients of the hospital.  This program will not only provide important hands on experience for our students, but will also be a vital service for the patients and staff.  Early clinical immersion with real patient experiences will also enhance classroom learning.  Students will be an integral part of this innovative and collaborative effort to improve the quality of life for the patients of Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Brenau Rehabilitation Practice

Brenau has a full-time clinic located on-site within our department for students and faculty.  The on-site practice will allow faculty the ability to continue their practice in their areas of expertise.  This also allows students more hands-on experience with patients under the guidance of experienced faculty.  For more information about Brenau Rehabilitation Practice, visit

Life Enrichment and Wellness Center

The Life Enrichment and Wellness Center is located in the Brenau Downtown Center.  The center is a community wellness cooperative with service focused on the mind, body and spirit.  This cooperative provides students with hands-on experience with a community wellness initiative and the opportunity to work with professions not only in healthcare, but in the arts, music and other varied professions involved in community wellness.  For more information about Life Enrichment and Wellness Center, email and visit our community page.

Full-time clinical internships

Students will complete 30 weeks of full-time clinical internships in a variety of settings.  Settings include:  outpatient rehabilitation, inpatient rehab, acute care, and sports medicine.  We also have specialty clinical settings in pediatrics, neurobehavioral and sports medicine.

Clinical Partners

Do you want to become a clinical partner with us?

It is our goal that we establish a mutual relationship with clinical educators that serves both students, and your organization.   One of our major program objectives is to contribute to partnered sites in ways that can benefit the clinical practitioner.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Continuing education opportunities
  • On-site educational programs
  • Assistance with a site’s clinical education program
  • Mentorship on clinical outcomes research
  • Access to the clinical expertise of our faculty

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a clinical partner:

Tammy Buck

Faculty, Staff / Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Director of Clinical Education