Academic centers

The Writing Center

The Brenau University Writing Center is a peer tutoring organization that supports students of every ability level in the development of writing skills through individual conferences, computer based tutorials, and group workshops. Learn more about the Writing Center.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center sponsors study skills and test-taking workshops each semester. It’s also a resource for students with learning disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder. Although the tutoring is provided only on the main campus, accommodations are given to students on all campus locations, most often by the student’s professors. Find out more about the Learning Center.

The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center serves as a clearinghouse for activities and resources relating to women’s issues, diversity, and pedagogy for women.

The Study Place for Achievement (SPA)

The Study Place for Achievement (SPA) was established for the purpose of providing Brenau students and students in the Gainesville community-at-large with tutoring services in math and science. Learn more about SPA.