Question Tag: online learning

I require tutoring support. Is this available remotely?

Jul 22, 2021

Yes, Brenau University has many options for remote academic support. While most tutoring will take place face-to-face, online tutoring will be available. For assistance on writing related assignments, visit our Writing Center. For support in a math or science class, contact the Study Place for Achievement (AKA Math & Science SPA) If you need assistance […]

If I need accommodations, how do I register and receive my accommodations?

Jul 28, 2020

Please visit the Brenau University Learning Center website for detailed information related to accommodations. Director Jennifer Loggins is available to assist you in securing accommodations, learning support, and more. You can contact her at

These are great online-learning resources, but I’m still having a hard time figuring out what to do. Who can help me?

Jul 28, 2020

For additional assistance, feel free to email or call 770-538-4774 for help.

I don’t know the first thing about Canvas. Can I get some help?

Jul 28, 2020

Here are the basic technology requirements for Canvas and some hints about using Canvas from your mobile device. These resources will help you be successful by ensuring you understand the technology expectations for online courses: What are the Basic Computer Specifications for Canvas? Which Browsers Does Canvas Support? 213 – Canvas Student App (Vimeo) (This video […]

I’m in my course, but now what?

Jul 28, 2020

Each professor may take a bit of a different approach to ensure continuity of learning. Be prepared to navigate your course site using the menu options on the left side of your screen to find content your professor has posted to share with you, to submit assignments in the dropboxes, and in some cases, to […]

Where do I find my courses?

Jul 28, 2020

Log in to your Brenau self-service portal at Select Canvas. Once inside Canvas, you’ll see a list of courses. This video may also help you in locating your classes: Where to find your course in Canvas 2020 (YouTube)