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How will I know if a student, colleague or teacher is in quarantine?

Aug 06, 2021

As per HIPAA guidelines, Nurse Practitioner Sarah Davis will not discuss the details of COVID exposure with anyone other than the patient and contact tracers. Faculty, staff or students considered exposed will be contacted by contact tracers. Notification of faculty, staff or students who are not considered exposed will come directly from the patient themselves. […]

What happens if I (faculty or staff) have symptoms, am exposed or test positive for COVID?

Jul 22, 2021

Faculty and Staff   COVID-like symptoms Notify COVID team via COVID reporting form Unvaccinated Must remain off campus until cleared by the COVID team Testing and contact tracing will be started if needed Fully Vaccinated Brenau is asking ALL affiliates who are sick to stay off campus. Remain off campus until a negative antigen test […]

How will Brenau test for COVID-19?

Jul 22, 2021

Those who are vaccinated will receive an antigen test at the Center for Health and Well-being on the Gainesville campus. Unvaccinated individuals will receive a PCR test