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  1. Paola Benitez-Hernandez: Paula Benitez-Hernandez is carving a path for other international students 

    Before starting her first year at Brenau University, Paola Benitez-Hernandez faced one of the most devastating events of her life — Hurricane Maria. 

  2. Michael Jones: This Michael Jones uses his own experiences to serve rural communities 

    Early on in life, Michael Jones knew two things — he wanted to help people and pull himself out of poverty.

  3. Aisa Goforth: Aisa Goforth, BUGS’ president who has a knack for gardening

    The senior interior design major can be found, hands in the dirt, tending to the tomatoes, okra, strawberries and other plants within the fenced space.

  4. Kellsey Kloker: Inspired by her sister, this OT student strives to change lives

    By her senior year of high school, Kellsey Kloker knew what she wanted to do with her life — become an occupational therapist.