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  1. Amelia Lathem plans to change lives through song

    Amelia Lathem, junior Brenau music education major, has no trouble capturing her audience’s attention with her elegant ethereal voice.

  2. From Italy to Brenau. Massimo Bellew shares his Brenau experience

    While stuck at his home in Florence, Italy, recovering from COVID-19, Massimo Bellew decided he needed to make a radical change in his life.

  3. ‘Here, I’m someone.’ Valentina Pabon shares her Brenau experience

    Cheered on by her teammates, coach and brother, Valentina Pabon stepped onto the tennis court, racket in hand.

  4. How Rynna Kidd found her strength after waking up from a coma

    After recovering from a traumatic head injury, Rynna Kidd was told that she would never graduate from college.

  5. Xu "Lilac" Kanjun is painting her future's canvas at Brenau

    Living thousands of miles away from her home, family and friends in China, Xu “Lilac” Kanjun is forging her own path at Brenau University. 

  6. Jonathan Thomas is finding his purpose through dance

    When Jonathan Thomas learned his first dance routine his sophomore year of high school, something sparked within him.

  7. Sydney Hencil from Zimbabwe is letting the truth guide her future

    Sydney Hencil doesn’t shy away from uncovering the truth. While attending high school, she set her sights on becoming a journalist.

  8. Paula Benitez-Hernandez is carving a path for other international students 

    Before starting her first year at Brenau University, Paola Benitez-Hernandez faced one of the most devastating events of her life — Hurricane Maria. 

  9. Michael Jones uses his own experiences to serve rural communities 

    Early on in life, Michael Jones knew two things — he wanted to help people and pull himself out of poverty.

  10. BUGS’ president Aisa Goforth has a knack for gardening

    The senior interior design major can be found, hands in the dirt, tending to the tomatoes, okra, strawberries and other plants within the fenced space.

  11. Inspired by her sister, OT student Kellsey Kloker strives to change lives

    By her senior year of high school, Kellsey Kloker knew what she wanted to do with her life — become an occupational therapist.