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Brenau Voices: Massimo Bellew

Apr 12, 2022

From Italy to Brenau Massimo Bellew has started his journey to the entertainment industry  While stuck at his home in Florence, Italy, recovering from COVID-19, Massimo Bellew decided he needed to make a radical change in his life — move across the world and attend Brenau. “Florence has a long history, and I think growing […]

Valentina Pabon - Brenau Voices

Brenau Voices: Valentina Pabon

Mar 28, 2022

‘Here, I’m someone.’ Cheered on by her teammates, coach and brother, who traveled from Florida to see her, Valentina Pabon stepped onto the tennis court, racket in hand. Even though she felt the pressure of playing the last match of the day, Pabon was in her element, neck-in-neck with her opponent. The match moved into […]

Brenau Voices: Rynna Kidd

Mar 14, 2022

How this teacher and double Brenau graduate found her strength after waking up from a coma After recovering from a traumatic head injury, Rynna Kidd was told by her specialist that she would never graduate from college. Today, Kidd is nearly 24 years into her education career and three years away from receiving her doctorate […]

Brenau Voices: Xu "Lilac" Kanjun

Brenau Voices: Xu “Lilac” Kanjun

Mar 01, 2022

Xu “Lilac” Kanjun is painting her future’s canvas at Brenau Living thousands of miles away from her home, family and friends in China, Xu “Lilac” Kanjun is forging her own path at Brenau University.  The senior interior design major is finishing her senior year on the historic Gainesville campus, along with nine other Chinese students […]

Jonathan Thomas in dance studio.

Brenau Voices: Jonathan Thomas

Jan 21, 2022

This student is finding his purpose through dance When Jonathan Thomas learned his first dance routine his sophomore year of high school, something sparked within him. The then football player said he was asked to dance in a production of “Cinderella,” thinking he’d be used only to lift female dancers. After learning a few turns […]

Brenau Voices: Sydney Hencil

Jan 21, 2022

This student from Zimbabwe is letting the truth guide her future Sydney Hencil doesn’t shy away from discovering the truth. While attending high school in her hometown of Harare, Zimbabwe, Hencil remembers reading news about journalists who were killed for uncovering a story. Seeing the injustices of the situation, something sparked within. “I felt like, […]