Center for Health & Well-Being

Gainesville Historic Campus Clinic

Clinic Hours:
9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday-Friday, by appointment only
Ph. 770.534.6135

The campus clinic provides medical evaluation and treatment to all students who are enrolled at Brenau as well as staff and faculty. Our mission is to provide students with access to a medical professional on campus to promote health and well being.

Services include: nebulizer treatments, blood glucose testing, laceration wound stapling and suturing, dermabond wound closure, urine pregnancy testing, basic first aid, mono, flu, and strep testing, Tuberculosis screening and wellness programs


Counseling Services

University Counselor Gay Baldwin, LPC

Because college is a time of transition and growth, both new and returning students will face new challenges and experiences. During college, relationships change and develop, stress can become overwhelming, and students may question their identity. This is where counseling services can help. Through individual or group sessions, students can learn new coping skills, get feedback from others, and develop strategies for life. Some examples of the kinds of issues students may discuss with a counselor include: managing relationships, handling family problems, managing stress, balancing work, school and family and much more.

To schedule an appointment for counseling please call Gay Baldwin 770.534.6121 or email her at