Working with partners to advance education and the region’s workforce

Brenau and Athens Technical College officials after the signing.

Last week, I was pleased to welcome Athens Technical College President Andrea Daniel and her faculty and staff to Brenau’s historic Gainesville campus. This wasn’t just a social visit, but an important occasion to expand the partnership between our two institutions.

Based on the good work of faculty from both institutions, we signed an agreement to allow Athens Tech students who earn an associate degree in interior design to transfer credits to Brenau and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Anne Skleder shakes hands with Tim McDonald

This connection emphasizes the importance of accessible higher education and is one of several similar agreements that I have signed with area technical colleges since January. In addition to Athens Tech, Brenau recently has entered agreements with Lanier Technical College and Gwinnett Technical College to facilitate seamless transfers into interior design and business programs so students may continue their education and graduate on time.

I’m grateful to Dr. Daniel from Athens Tech, Dr. Glen Cannon from Gwinnett Tech and Tim McDonald from Lanier Tech – who also is a Brenau alumnus – for their partnership.

We look forward to welcoming students from all three schools into our programs. Most importantly, we cannot wait for them to earn a bachelor’s degree and enter the workforce ready to contribute from day one. It’s also important to our strategic goal of managing growth to ensure a thriving future that we continue to improve access and affordability.

Anne Skleder and Rebecca Alexander shake hands

I couldn’t be more pleased to work alongside the Technical College System of Georgia for the betterment of our students and our communities and to advance the economic development of our larger region. Look for more announcements in the coming months as we continue to find creative ways to partner.

We mark Independence Day on Monday, and I hope that you enjoy the three-day weekend.

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