Brenau offers new degree program in risk management

The Jacobs Building

This semester, Brenau’s College of Business and Communication began offering classes in a new undergraduate major in risk management and insurance. Only a handful of other schools in Georgia offer this major, including the University of Georgia, Mercer University and Georgia State University.

Shatrela Washington-Hubbard, Swinton A. Griffith III Dean of the College of Business and Communication, said the new major provides a number of opportunities for students.

“My undergraduate major was in RMI so I know firsthand the many career opportunities in the field,” Washington-Hubbard said. “What is unique about the program at Brenau is that students will have the opportunity to major in RMI while also completing a pathway in finance, healthcare administration, human resource management, or marketing, which are all fields aligned with RMI.”

The creation of this program was funded through a $50,000 course development grant from the Spencer Educational Foundation. The grant also supports students’ professional development by providing resources for them to attend the annual meeting of risk professionals, and the eventual establishment of a Brenau chapter of the collegiate professional fraternity Gamma Iota Sigma.

The grant was issued to Monica Heidesch, Ph.D., an assistant professor of management in the College of Business and Communication, and was made possible by a contribution from the Risk & Insurance Management Society.

“Risk management and insurance is the study of how to protect people and organizations from financial losses caused by unexpected events,” Heidesch said. “Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks. Insurance is a way to transfer risk from an individual or organization to an insurance company.”

This new major will open up career opportunities for students planning on majoring in risk management and insurance. The specific job opportunities will vary depending on the individual’s skills, experience, and interests, but could include underwriters, insurance agents and brokers, and loss control consultants.

Courses in the risk management and insurance major include: Principles of RMI, Insurer Operations, Commercial Property and Liability Insurance, and Enterprise Risk Management.