Students enjoy Bill Haney’s extracurricular workshop on honeybees

Sep 3, 2019
Rudi Kiefer
Prof. Haney instructs as Chrissy Li carries a frame of bees.

A group of students from Rudi Kiefer’s science classes got a rare treat Saturday, Aug. 31, when Kiefer took them to Wauka Mountain for a workshop in beekeeping.

William Haney, professor of business administration, tends to beehives and produces honey on his property in Clermont, Georgia.

“I added a demonstration hive that lets students observe every activity of the bees,” Haney said. “Seeing them at work, going out and then returning with their leg bags full of pollen, has taught me incredible respect for the wonders of nature.”

Jiaxue “Chrissy” Li volunteered to suit up for invading the hives. Her fellow students watched as she lifted a frame, crawling with bees, out of the hive.

Prof. Haney explains the work that bees do.

“The purpose is to gently remove the bees, check for pests like varroa mites and beetles, and then scrape the honeycomb off the frames,” Haney explained.

A short time later, the group tasted delicious honey fresh from the hive. Each participant received a sample bottle.

“It’s astounding what these insects can do,” said biology major Yarely Martinez. “They really make the honey for themselves, and in a way we’re stealing it, but at the same time they are the key to helping all the other foods grow that humans need.”

Kiefer explained that without pollinators like bees, two-thirds of the world’s food would be in decline or disappearing altogether.

“I’m proud to have worked with some real Georgia honey, and learned so much more at the same time,” Li said.

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