Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian

Keeping Jacksonville in our hearts

Sep 3, 2019
Michael McPeek

Florida remains under a state of emergency due to Hurricane Dorian, and accordingly, Brenau’s Jacksonville campus was closed late last week. Of course, the university’s No. 1 goal is safety. Many students and faculty have been evacuated from their homes. Last week President Anne Skleder reached out to all the Jacksonville students and faculty with a message of support to let them know that their Brenau colleagues are with them in spirit. Skleder also assured them that that the Jacksonville campus will not reopen until the state of emergency is lifted and there is time for safe return travels. For up-to-date information about Hurricane Dorian in Florida visit

While the path is unpredictable and dynamic, all of our Brenau Family who are in Dorian’s path, or have family, friends or homes in the path, are in our hearts. Please stay safe and stay in touch.