Bachelor of Business Administration: Marketing

World-class marketing is the discipline that creates value through a relentless focus on consumer and customer needs. Think Apple. It grew from a minor computer maker not too long ago to become the most valuable company on earth.  Isn’t it a success? Marketing: the ability to understand consumer needs and being able to produce and deliver highly innovative products and services in response. Procter & Gamble, perhaps the most famous marketing–led company, preaches the motto, “the consumer is the boss” to all of its employees.  Therefore, marketing isn’t just the job of the marketing department alone.

The Brenau marketing program provides a foundation for a successful career in marketing and business. Our curriculum focus is on consumer/customer needs and how to turn them into profitable business opportunities. You will learn how to detect needs; how to select profitable target markets; how to design a differentiated product or service; how to successfully position it in the marketplace; and, importantly, how to develop a persuasive marketing plan that will attract corporate support or external funding.


Liberal Education Core Requirements (45-47 credits)

Business Core:

AC 201 Accounting Prin I (Financial)
AC 202 Accounting Prin I (Managerial)
BA 206 Microeconomics
BA 207 Macroeconomics LE
MG 301 Management Principles
BA 303 Business Statistics LE
BA 306 Business Communications LE
BA 309 Quantitative Methods for Business
MK 315 Marketing Principles LE
BA 316 Legal Environment of Business LE
BA 327 Managerial Finance
BA 458 Information Systems
BA 464 Operations Management
BA 499 Strategic Management & Policy
Business Elective

Marketing Major:

MK 311 Advertising Management
MK 412 Sales Management
MK 414 Consumer Behavior
MK 418 Marketing Research
MK 472 International Marketing
MK 473 Marketing Management

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