This photo shows an impasto acrylic painting with a rich blue color at the top that blends into a violet and the to a right coral red at the bottom.
"Dawn" by Haley Gill was selected to become part of the Permanent Art Collection at Brenau in 2018.

Presidential Purchase Award Becomes Part of the Permanent Collection

Sep 2, 2018
Nichole Rawlings
“There and Back” series by Art Education Major, Haley Gill. The top two paintings were selected to be the Presidential Purchase for the Spring of 2018.


The Brenau University Permanent Art Collection (BUPAC) features a broad spectrum of works from across media and time periods, including works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Helen Frankenthaler and Jasper Johns. However, perhaps most personal to Brenau are works in the collection by alumnae from over the years. Brenau hosts an annual exhibition of senior Art & Design students’ works, and each year the university president purchases a student’s work to become part of the BUPAC.

The Annual Presidential Purchase Award serves to add works by students to the Brenau University Permanent Art Collection. Once purchased by the president, the works are accessioned into the BUPAC by the same process as all other additions. This both enhances the collection and provides an invaluable opportunity to graduating seniors to become part of a renowned university art collection.

The tradition of the Presidential Purchase Award goes back over 20 years, and many of the student works that have been added to the collection in that time may be seen on display across campus.

The 2018 Presidential Art Purchase Award went to Art Education major Haley Gill. Brenau President Dr. Ed Schrader purchased two of Haley’s paintings from her senior show, Haze and Dawn. He admired Haley’s use of color and texture in her work, as well as her self-constructed canvases. Haley’s works are now part of the Brenau University Permanent Art Collection.