Alumni Hall of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame Inductions (3 recipients / year)
The Brenau University Hall of Fame honors three alumni who have made an outstanding and lasting contribution to their country, state, community, and to Brenau. These alumni perpetuate the excellence of Brenau through their leadership, loyal support, service, and dedication. Winners are selected by a committee of their peers. Deadline to nominate is February 28th, and winners are notified by December 15th. Awards are presented at Alumnae Reunion Weekend each spring.

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Past Recipients

Amanda Blake, A ’47
Clyde Connell, WC ’19
Martha Edens, WC ’49
Eliza Holmes Feldmann, WC ’29
Grace Hooten Moore, WC ’38
Gwendolyn Brown Mundy, WC ’49
Betty Verson Norton, WC ’52
Mary Overby Tibbetts, WC ’32
Bete Todd Wages, WC ’46
Roslyn Wallace, WC ’44

Margaret Owen Blackstock, WC ’66
Kathryn Long Dunlap, WC ’64
A. Carroll Hart, WC ’35
Peggy Hinson, A ’54
Mary Helen Roop Hosch, WC ’35
William Alton Lowe, BU ’98
Ann Ralls Freeman Murrah, WC ’54
Elizabeth Parker, WC ’24
Barbara Stockton Perry, WC ’47
Marion Runnels Holloway, WC ’57
James Carroll Smith, BU ’93

Dotty Eleazer Alexander, WC ’60
Kathryn Andrews Fincher, A ’70, WC ’74
Thelma Mauldin Green, WC ’34
Helen P. Hatton, WC ’63
Kay Wallis Herrin, WC ’59
Sarah K. Lamb, WC ’93
Helen Dortch Longstreet, WC ’18
Mary Foote Simmons Paris, WC ’30
Irene Robinson Smith, WC ’62
AlJean Dorsey Thompson, WC ’49

Terry L. Coleman, BU ’81
Barbara Mitchell Disque, WC ’53
Sally Davidson Foster, A ’55
Margaret Garner Reisler, WC ’45
Robert L. Ruble, BU ’84
Orville Tyler Schaefer, WC ’30
Margaret Gilchrist Serrato, WC ’77
Gloria Cassity Stargel, WC ’77
Althea Lennox Tessier, WC ’38
Lee Ann Romberg White, WC ’82

Dale McElveen Jaeger, WC ’73
Eleanor Ardery Lawrence, WC ’63
Helen Ellis Lilly, WC ’31
Patricia Fields Westbrook, BU ’84
B.J. Richardson Williams, WC ’82

Steve D. Cronic, BU ’90 & ’95
James B. Hammond, BU ’80
Josephine Winter Rainey, WC ’47
Suzanne Sitherwood, WC ’97
Presley Merritt Wagoner, WC ’71

Not Awarded

Dr. Gale J. Allen, BU ’91
Janie Bryant, A’ 85
June Moore-Richards, WC ’48
Sylvia Macklen Robinson, A ’54
Gail A. Smith, WC ’83
Ronda Rich Tinker, WC ’83
Admiral Patricia E. Wolfe, BU ’87

Nelwyn Bagwell Turk, WC ’69
Sonya Wood Hancock, WC ’63
Dr. Irene Okech, BU ’08
Sara Margaret Patterson, A ’60
Marsha Wyatt Sell, A ’59

Dr. Lynda A. Holmes, BU ’84
Sarah “Ashley” Longshore, A ’93
Maria Ebrahimji, WC ’98
David Keith Jefcoat, BU ’78
Dr. Priscilla Davis Jefcoat, WC ’76

Dr. Katharine DuPre Lumpkin, WC 1915
Evanda Gravitte Moore, WC ’71
Melda Lee Bassett, WC ’74
Jeffrey Seiple, BU ’90
Ginger Ragans, BU ’13

Spring 2017
Gay Hobgood Hammond, WC ’82
Dana Boyd Barr, WC ’87
Holley Roberts Kelley, WC ’87, BU ’13
Amanda Miller Buono, WC ’99
Dulcé Sloan, WC ’05
Kelley Emrey, BU ’06

Fall 2017
Claude Porter, Sr., BU ’84
Jane Patterson Suggs, WC ’74
Daisy Goodnight Waldrep, WC ’61

Kathy Amos, WC ’98, BU ’06
John Rudio, BU ’98
Frances “Shay” English Stafford, WC ’69

Ute Meyer Niedermeier, WC ’93, BU ’94
Anna Alexander Jacobs, WC ’86
Robin Smith Dudley, WC ’78