Financial Aid Links


Financial Aid Literacy Resources:

Brenau’s Money Management Powerpoint: Adulting 101 Workshop

money management powerpoint

Brenau University’s GradReady- Paying for College, Money Management, and Real-World Finance

Financial Calculators: YouCanDealWithIt

Graduate and Professional Students- You CAN find ways to pay for graduate school: YouCanDealWithIt

Federal Student Aid- Budgeting and Managing finances

Federal Student Aid- Financial Awareness Counseling

Have Student Loan Debt? Six Tips to Pay It Off Faster: FoolProofMe

Options for Managing Your Student Loans: FoolProofMe

Innovative Ways of Cutting Debt Video: FoolProofMe

Managing Your Financial Aid While You Are in School: FoolProofMe

Parents: Managing Loans as Part of Financing Your Child’s College Education: FoolProofMe

Check, Credit Card or Debit Card: FoolProofMe

Millennials: All About (Your) Credit


Private Scholarship Search Ideas:

The Financial Aid office has created this page to assist you in locating links for financial aid literacy materials and for private scholarship search ideas.  Many private scholarships are offered each year by corporate, professional, trade, government, civic, religious, social and fraternal organizations ranging from small honorariums to thousands of dollars. Brenau University does not guarantee the availability or fairness of the administration of these websites. Students pursue them at their own risk. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary materials, complete applications, and submit them directly to the sponsoring organization for review and fund distribution. The Financial Aid Office recommends that you avoid websites that require you to pay a fee, attend a seminar, or claim a guarantee.

Graduate Private Scholarship List

Undergraduate Private Scholarship List

**For Questions relating to this listing please email with the scholarship name,

the amount offered, and web address. Once reviewed/approved by the staff we will include it on our listing.**