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Moving Forward Together

Apr 21, 2020
Caroline Mutch

Our university president Dr. Anne Skleder said recently in a video to faculty and staff, “Brenau is moving forward. We are working toward the future and acting in the present.” This is a powerful message; one that we want to share with you.

In admissions, we have moved forward. Even though we are unable to meet with you in person right now, we have developed a host of ways to stay connected to our students. We’ve created new videos and tours, new web pages to help you experience Brenau and our admissions counselors are online each and every day meeting with you through Zoom, Facetime and many other video conferencing platforms. We’ve adapted and so have you. Thank you.

This transition, while unexpected and not always easy, has enabled us to think outside the box and play to our strengths. You see, at Brenau, we have a long history of online learning – more than 20 years – and we are industry leaders in the field. Our expert faculty and amazing staff understand what it takes to connect with students in a virtual world. We believe in quality and delivering the very best educational experience possible, whether you are taking classes online or on campus. We are committed to helping you reach your goals.

As we move forward in the next few months, rest assured that Brenau is here for you. We are constantly working to create new venues to make sure you receive the information you need. Our classroom experiences are being tweaked and improved upon daily. All of us are dedicated to helping our students succeed. And once we return to campus, all of these things will continue.

Now is the perfect time to move forward with your dreams. Let’s all move forward together while acting in the present.

Redenna Poole and Nathan Goss
AVPs for Enrollment Management